1. Technically a reincarnation to the same world, but in modern times but Ya Boi Kongming is a fun filled anime

  2. They're fine as is, the one that needs to goto 3.3 is the m4a3 105.

  3. Non historical skins are only viewable on your own vehicles

  4. The Red Dragon of Domination. Highschool DxD s3 episode 9

  5. ahh didnt know about that rule, yes I did finish season 5. Is it because of the ending that the rule was created?

  6. It was because of season 5 as a whole that that rule was created.

  7. If you'll look at the number of dedicated (not random) squads in the match I guarantee you those squads will have players playing different tanks from different countries. This then forces the matchmaking hamster to have the mixed nation match. The only way to ensure this doesn't happen is to have dedicated squads all playing the same nation.

  8. Just that it might not be possible to do the same nation in a squad of 3, i main sweden (im at 11.3 in ground + the T 80 U), while one of my friends just got the BMP-2M and Ka-50, and the 3rd friend has the Leopard 2PL and 9.3 in germany.

  9. Oh I completely agree. I's just explaining how mixed nation battles occur.

  10. Konohana Kitan, youkai that run a traditional onsen

  11. There's side characters in Lycoris Recoil like that, Mika & Yoshi

  12. The only thing I want, which is impossible to enforce/create is a way to stop people from rage quitting halfway through a hanchan. Sooo many games ruined when someone rage quits, then the basic ai replaces them with a simple auto draw and discard. A proper ai shouldn't replace them as people who rage quit don't deserve that.

  13. So what do you suggest? For replacing a rage quitter, do you prefer a basic AI or a smart AI?

  14. A smart ai, but with the condition that if the ai places above fourth, their result is negated, and their points are divided up by the others based on standing. So basically a rage quitter will always get a loss on their account, even if the ai gets a win. But then at least the hanchan will still be valid and enjoyable for those who stay.

  15. With air I would start with AB, to get used to leading the target. It'll also give you more crew exp, and the opportunity to try more than one plane (and more than one playstyle) in a single battle.

  16. As a Centurion Mk1 players i indeed can confirm the Panther D,A,G,F players fear our APDS

  17. And King Tigers fear our 6.3 charioteer 285 apds lol.

  18. Undeserved "skill issue" is a meme in the community, meant to be a joke. Playing a vehicle incorrectly, and complaining about it; lacking appropriate experience and jumping into full tier and then complaining;etc etc..... is a fully deserved "skill issue" meant to point out flaws as well as being mildly derogatory.

  19. Because they want you to buy the prem tutel (t28), lower br, lower repair cost.

  20. Don't just fire them fckin everywhere willy-nilly, they attract attention and block allies view of enemies.

  21. Well between 3.0 and 4.7 is probably the weakest area of the US line-up vs opponents. Due to the fact that: 90 % of the planes require a boom and zoom technique (arguably the hardest of the three), often a lot of players around that br range are quite new and don't have the knowledge/ability yet to successfully use bnz techniques. Also your going up against Japan (turn fighters), Brits(turn-fighters/energy fighters), and Germsny (energy fighters). Both of these techniques are quite easy to use, also in general their planes lift performance out shines the american planes, meaning unless the whole team of US side-climbs at the start of the match you will never have the height advantage (something necessary to execute bnz well).

  22. Chivalry of a Failed Knight, the fight scenes are done insanely well.

  23. Because it fckin slaps. It's perfect for multiple different moments in anime: you got the sombre, serene and melancholic first movement. The light and happy 2nd movement. And finally the "suck it you other bitch-ass composers imma gonna flex on you," 3rd movement.

  24. I hated the cold war era on the US side, so i kinda skipped that. US is so cool from 9.0 and higher. Literally my fav Nation.

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