1. Damn. So no S&T then. The only thing of theirs that I watch and someone else is ruining that😂

  2. If you head downwards from the fridge, you should be able to follow the path to another exit

  3. I'm not shocked, XC3 had a phenomenal ost but GOW and Elden Ring were more popular. Honestly I wouldn't be mad if Elden Ring got it, but they may as well have called it the God of War Awards.

  4. I think I'm in the minority when I liked God of War's music more than elden ring lol. Xenoblade 3 still should have won tho.

  5. Is the music in God of War good? I haven't played it or heard anyone talking about the score tbh...

  6. It's pretty good. The main theme in particular is fantastic. Xenoblade 3 should have still won tho just for the sheer variety and range of its soundtrack. Alot of ragnarok's themes and motifs were carried over from the previous title. Although they sound great, it dampens the originality of the soundtrack.

  7. What is the name of the music that plays during the first homecoming(the one where Noah and the gang are children). I have been trying to find it with no luck.

  8. Have any of you seen Andor? I didn't really care for the show when it was announced, but I actually felt like it was one of the most refreshing pieces of star wars content in a while. It doesn't really rely on references or fanservice which was something I personally appreciated. It just felt more grounded overall.

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