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  1. This is pretty common. I’ve seen a few posts about this recently. If you’re worried about becoming a serial killer then that tells you pretty much all you need to know. You clearly have values that don’t align with those of a serial killer, so I would stop stressing. If you started to actually plan things out in your head and romanticize the subject then that would be a problem, but from what you’re saying that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

  2. Thanks. It’s just weird because his name keeps on repeating inside my head and occasionally associates things I’m doing with him for no reason? It’s really weird and I feel really bad because it feels like its taking the joy out of all my hobbies and I don’t know what to do. I try not to focus on it too much but it feels like my mind is doing it on its own. Is this ruminating?

  3. (Assuming I am allowed to go off type) I would like to be a space/star related gym leader working in a planetarium/library area surrounded by Miniors (Totally not inspired by Rosalina’s Observatory from Mario Galaxy lol)

  4. Kinesis would probably be the most brutal looking with the way he picks up monsters and then smashes them..into other monsters. There’s also all the black hole and train throwing, yeeting the monsters away with the flick of the wrist, yeah, it’ll be super entertaining to watch, I’m surprised the animated cutscenes don’t use it more often.

  5. I don’t have enough to make a top 10 so heres a top 5!

  6. Me too! I was expecting someone like Vellum or maybe Lotus for number 3.

  7. Me too! I was expecting someone like Vellum or Cygnus for number 3.

  8. I want the Cosmog and Persian fusion as my magical girl familiar.

  9. Spaceship! Gives me magical girl anime ending energy (kinda funny because theres a lot of kpop songs out there that sounds like anime ops but not endings)

  10. It still hurts me to think about full bursting with kinesis but I'm getting there

  11. Kinda late comment but I wanted to plug in this

  12. I’ve always really disliked the shade aesthetic, and I always hear people saying they really like it. Feels like so many random colours.

  13. Late reply but I just have a bias toward the traditional korean aesthetic the game loves to put in (look how I placed Hoyoung) and while Shade’s isn’t as out there as Hoyoung’s I still like it. The colorfulness of the spirits remind me of the wisps from Sonic Colors or something like that

  14. I was like where is AB? Because that’s the prettiest lol XoXo lmao

  15. For some reason this tier maker didn’t have angelic buster. I have a comment saying that if this tier maker did, I would place her in really high A or S tier.

  16. Its actually tradition for sbs (only them I think correct me if Im wrong) to make silly videos like this for election coverage in korea! They had different themes too. For example, theres

  17. Kinda unrelated but Kim Wooseok (Soloist/Previous X1 Member) also has a seven deadly sins concept currently! His first album was based on greed like the album name (but the song was more based on lust), second album was a cute concept representing gluttony and his upcoming album “Reve” is..something that I don’t really know. but I know its based on something.

  18. Those are really pretty! I really like the colors.

  19. Pirate by Everglow. That outro is made from the heavens and it was actually me wanting to listening to that song when it came out just for the outro that led to that song being one of my favorites in 2021.

  20. Late on the conversation but as someone who doesn’t like getting their clothes wet, seeing scenes where a member is in a bathtub (filled with water) with their clothes on makes me trigger a reflex.

  21. Me excited for demon slayer big snakes and kaiser 2nd vth job

  22. As an Evan main, I can’t wait to get 2nd 5th job so I can get super sayian dragons and shoot giant rainbows everywhere

  23. Nope, Instead they got Ark around the same time computer maple got the explorer revamp

  24. Make sure you have pets equipped. Also change the percentage to 70-90%

  25. Oneus styling for Twilight was just so good. I love victorian/regal outfits so this era was just heaven for that.

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