1. oh my gosh there's other people who actually learn yiddish

  2. Gosh can't believe harry potter took me away from my faith and made me a witch, i should've read that book instead

  3. I think that a lot of countries think Australians swear a lot and so to live up to this standard a lot of Australians on social media will swear

  4. I think they've been selling pretty well actually, last time i went to maccas they had ran out of cones and had to sell soft serves in lids

  5. from what i've been taught, its quite common for people who've been hung to rot and their bowels come out, which i thought was what happened here, but i hadn't heard of him hitting his head so i'll have to do some research

  6. Why would i keep a merperson, centaur, or werewolf? they're basically people

  7. I always pronounced it with a silent k.... i'll have to rewatch philosphers stone to find out

  8. so happy that i, a casual gamer, will go to heaven simply because i'm not a hardcore gamer.

  9. Well I think abortion is often necessary, such as in the case of rape, inability to support the child and themself, or if the mother gets sick. I know that where I live (where abortion is free from next year) abortion will be used for the sake of abortion and people will practise more unsafe things, however it is still necessary in some cases, and i cannot see God saying its a sin to get an abortion for the reasons I previously stated,

  10. This is what it's meant to be like, but it doesn't happen

  11. possibly it just effects witches and sorcerers differently

  12. Really? I hate it when people say women more, but everyone is different

  13. I'm assuming she's talking about the original Bible, in which there wasn't, pronouns were added in the translation

  14. I feel like you are just accepting what the world accepts and not wanting to accept the Bible as full truth and only truth.

  15. Not always, but this is probably one of those things, but that's why i'm trying to get help instead of ignoring the issue

  16. I think, if we're honest, most women (especially in our modern, "liberated," era) struggle with this - but I think that, done biblically, it's actually a beautiful, un-oppressive, situation.

  17. Thank you so much for this, as much as i still makes me uncomfortable that men are over women, this really helps me come to terms with it more

  18. looking at the comments they must be, but i have that set too (although they're very old and battered)

  19. Nope, i just got home half an hour ago, i've been out for 9 hours, i'll take a shower in an hour, after i regain the use of my legs

  20. Look, you could try, but also that's disrespectful. The Mecca is a very important place to muslims

  21. Oh, thank you, I appreciate that, and thank you for the explanation

  22. Feminism at it roots, where it's the belief that male and female are equal and should have equal rights, wouldn't effect how he does his job. Some feminists do stray from these roots and believe women are superior and should do everything, but if he doesn't, there's nothing wrong with that. If you're worried, you can always ask him what he means by being a feminist

  23. ABC mostly, then stuff like reddit, instagram, and tv shows like hybpa

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