AITA for my husbands aunts tree being cut down?

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AITA for my reaction when I learned that my fiance returned my wedding dress and replaced it with the one his mom picked for me?

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  1. I always wonder why brides are so surprised when nobody shows to the wedding after they treat life long friends like crap. It’s truly astounding.

  2. NTA. They stopped by with no notice and announced that you were to prepare dinner for them. Are they freaking kidding? You don’t do that. Then they got offended because you had the absolute nerve to order food that 99.99% of people love? How could you. Your boyfriends parents are rude as hell and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. If this is a thing in his family, your boyfriend should be prepared to cook his rude parents a 4 course menu at the drop of a hat. Why exactly were YOU the one who was expected to feed everyone? Why didn’t your boyfriend take care of dinner arrangements for HIS parents? You did nothing wrong and his parents are the worst kind of beggars.

  3. There are ear buds that don’t interfere with hearing everything around you. I have tinnitus and I use them all of the time for white noise. Since you don’t have sidewalks you definitely need to hear everything around you. I’ll save you the time and trouble of researching the best kind. It’s the Sony LinkBids truly wireless. The bud is shaped like a donut so there’s nothing blocking ambient sounds but you can still point to them and say “Sorry, can’t hear you”. I’m really sorry that your neighbors are horrible people. All you can really do is keep your dog as close to the curb as you can.

  4. Oh no honey. That goes in the trunk. The one in the car, not the other one.

  5. I have a Japanese maple in my front yard that looks just like this in the fall.

  6. I’m not understanding why Iranian people anywhere other in Iran would be protesting. If someone wants to live in an Islamic country that’s fine. But why did they leave it in the first place if they want to live under Islamic rule? I mean, if you’re escaping a country because of economic conditions, that’s fine but you still have to respect the laws of the country you’re in.

  7. YTA. You know who’s never getting a promotion and OT? It’s hard to believe that you’d interfere and full on sabotage his career like that. How embarrassing for your husband. My ex husband pulled something similar with my job at the time. I had to go into HR and smooth things over and I was furious and deeply embarrassed by what he did.

  8. Go to your doctor and explain that you need to have a full STI checkup. Health first. Then talk with a lawyer about how to best proceed. I’m really sorry.

  9. That was almost a perfect mount. Impressive.

  10. I bought a wall mounted kitchen storage rack for pots and pans off of Amazon and it gave me enough storage to empty out the oven when I moved in with my mom as her full time caregiver. I’d start up the oven to pre-heat and it didn’t go well. NTA but when there’s a prospect for catching anything on fire, it’s best to avoid that.

  11. So if your wife is ever on a medication that she can’t drink alcohol with, does that mean that you can’t drink either? If you’re on a similar med does that mean that she can’t drink? I don’t blame you one bit and it sounds like she’s playing a juvenile tit for tat game with you. Tell her that the whole family can go next year but you’re staying home this time. NTA at all.

  12. You’re not in any way weak. Your father is and I hope you can go NC. He sounds like a bully and incapable of change. I’m so deeply sorry for your loss.

  13. NTA but WHY are you even considering marrying a man who clearly hates your father? He throws childish tantrums and you’re alright with this? He’s trying to emotionally blackmail you to get his way. You’re being given a good look at how and why this relationship will go down in flames and I really hope you reconsider your plans on going through with this. You can call it off.

  14. If she thought that her ex husband had a vasectomy and she was with someone else, she should throw him right under the paternity bus.

  15. Sexual harassment isn’t a joke. It’s the professors responsibility to provide a safe work environment for his subordinates. YTA and welcome to the 21st century.

  16. You need to go back to the store and tell them that you want the missing links back. If they say that there aren’t any and deny removing the 2 links, bring documentation if you have it. An original receipt or an appraisal is sufficient. If they still claim that they didn’t remove the stones, you need to take them to small claims court to recover the value of the missing links and the cost of the repairs that it’s going to need. I’m guessing that this is an oversight on the part of the repair person.

  17. Your husband’s aunt was doing you a HUGE favor by renting to you at well below market value. She TRUSTED you to live in the home that she lived in when her husband was alive . You completely shit on her in return. Let me explain something about grief to you since you don’t seem to comprehend the concept. Grief is a monster. It’s a big hairy monster that’s always there. You never know where or when it’s going to show up but you know it will and when it shows up, it knocks you down. YOU BROUGHT GRIEF BACK YO YOUR HUSBANDS AUNT!! You are so much YTA that I can’t even believe it. You said that had you known the history of the tree, you never would have let it be destroyed. The thing is, it’s NONE of your business what the history of the tree was because it didn’t belong to you. I sincerely hope that your husbands aunt sues the living daylights out of you, your AH father, and the construction crew who were all complaisant in the destruction of her property. Oh, YTA.

  18. I think you had the right idea when you almost divorced him. The only way to deal with narcs is to cut them out of your life permanently.

  19. Where in the Flint Michigan are you living!?

  20. There’s 0 chance that this guy doesn’t have 2 or more families brewing somewhere.

  21. YTA. It’s absolutely none of your business what your coworkers wear. I hope that she went to HR to report YOU for sexual harassment. And no, you’re not one of the boys.

  22. Today it’s a dress, tomorrow it’ll be her controlling everything she can about the birth of your children. Get the hell out of there while you still can. If your fiancé can’t figure out how to put a muzzle on his mom now, he never will. He’s supposed to have your back and he’s still got his moms. NTA.

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