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AITA for walking out of a restaurant on my GF?

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Literally shaking rn! One of my good friends asked for a favor. If her sis in law could stay in my guest room in Miami for her BBL appt… BIG REGRET!

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  1. Exactly what I started doing today, played Meghan Trainor and Demi lavato for hours 💀💀 since it’s obviously some frat guy hope he hates it. And I’m 23!! I can handle noise!! But this is insane

  2. Go with Polka and some good earplugs. I’d throw in some world class yodeling while you’re at it. Sorry your neighbor sucks.

  3. I’ve heard of people doing this to raise humidity for reptiles and growing weed. Can you tell if their bathroom window is open? Either way I’d tell the landlord about it. Shared water meter means that your rent is going to go up because of them.

  4. You should call adult protective services for your mom and make sure that your sister isn’t ripping her off. They’ll send a social worker and you should be there for the meeting so your sister can’t scam the social worker. Make sure your sister doesn’t have access to any of your moms accounts and her valuables are still intact. If anything is gone, press charges. Your sister is a lost cause but you can protect your mom from her.

  5. My mom used to get 50-80 calls a day from the Medicare scammers. I took her phone and added all known contacts and doctors extension numbers. Then I answered each call and muted the microphone. After about 2 months of this the calls were down to 0. I gave her the phone back and she forgot and answered a couple of calls and the whole cycle started again. (I’m her full time live in caregiver so she was never without a phone.) Once those vultures know that have a live number they’ll never leave you alone.

  6. You don't complain. You submit the evidence to the department of labor. No lawyer is needed

  7. Which means that you’ve got to submit evidence which was never on paper. My word against theirs.

  8. Bruh they will literally investigate on your behalf with a statement from you. Quit giving those cunts excuses to walk over you

  9. No, they wouldn’t have. This was in the early 2000’s and nobody cared. It was an industry standard to make servers pay walkouts and nobody cared one little bit. You’re lucky that you’re doing this gig in a time where things have changed.

  10. It always makes me sad that so many men refuse a prostate exam when they turn 50 when girls start dealing with a similar invasive exam when we’re still just children. Yet so many men are terrified of a doctors finger up the a.

  11. The doctors that I went to (before moving) were all advocates for pushing pap-smears off until at least 21 or sexually active.

  12. I’m 53 now. There was no known link between sexual activity and cervical cancer back then. They thought it was a hormonal link. So the exams started when we started our period. Also sexual abuse wasn’t spoken of. So there were many children who were at risk of HPV but they were too embarrassed to tell anyone.

  13. I knew a Greek girl who had a similar condition. When she hit puberty she literally grew a penis where her clitoras was. Unfortunately she lived with her very superstitious grandmother because her parents had abandoned her years earlier due to her looks. She always identified as a woman. I only mention her Greek heritage because she always said that her parents and grandparents considered her a curse on the family because of their culture.

  14. France. Do what France did. Vote in every election and don’t vote for right wing nut jobs.

  15. He’s saying the quiet part out loud. HE’S SAYING THE QUIET PART OUT LOUD!!!

  16. YTA. Jokes are supposed to be funny. What you said was repulsive and misogynistic and amplified your complete lack of knowledge about biology. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope you now realize that your girlfriend will never want to have kids with you.

  17. For anyone who only has a bathtub, battery operated handheld shower! It’s been a game changer.

  18. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You’re a very good person and you deserve much better. There comes a time when the level of care that she needs supersedes the level of care that you can give. It sounds like that’s way overdue. The abuse she’s hurling at you is completely unacceptable. If I were in your situation I’d be looking for a live in care home for her.

  19. Hey OP. I’ve got a bulldog of a lawyer for your victim. He’d chew all three you up and spit you out for fun. I sincerely hope you’re trolling but if you’re not, be prepared to meet your maker in court because it’s coming. Also don’t even THINK about causing Clarissa any more harm because I guarantee you that she’s confided to her female colleagues everything you’ve done. If one hair on her head is harmed, you and your two gross friends are going to be the first ones to be investigated. I hope you all lose your licensees and have to go into a field that suits you better. Like prisoners. You had proof of a sexual assault and you destroyed evidence instead of being the mandatory reporter like you’re supposed to be.

  20. I don’t think 10k is nearly enough. If someone is so reckless that they’re willing to drive a vehicle under the influence, I think mandatory jail time should be added to that. My uncle and his baby daughter were murdered by a drunk driver the year before I was born. Even though I never had the opportunity to meet either one of them, I’ve felt that gaping hole in our family all of my life. There was always a deep underlying sadness at every family event. If you’re going somewhere and you know that you’ll be drinking, don’t drive there. As far as I’m concerned that’s flat out premeditated murder.

  21. I got kicked out of Sunday school just about every time I asked a question. My favorite was when I asked why if Adam and Eve were the only people on earth and they had 2 sons, how aren’t we all products of incest. Lol.

  22. I’d be looking for a source that sells your rice in bulk bags. There’s a very nice Asian grocery store near me that sells it in 25-50 pound bags for much less than anything you’d pay in quantities like that.

  23. I’m so sorry OP. You didn’t do anything wrong here. You met a predatory psychopath on the internet and he lied to you about everything he is. You’re so strong and brave for going to the hospital. If you have any of the clothing that you wore to his house don’t wash anything. The hospital is most likely going to set you up with victims services. Take advantage of all of the services you’re offered. You survived this and that’s the most important thing right now. I’m hoping for the quickest recovery. Please update us if you can.

  24. Oh. My. God! The nerve of this woman. I’m curious what the friend who asked the favor will have to say about her SIL abhorrent behavior.

  25. YTA. Merging lanes have an auto yield! What were you thinking?

  26. I can't imagine what it must be like for that woman to live her day-to-day life. She can't even glance at sprinkles on a donut without experiencing immediate outrage and attributing an ulterior motive to something so innocuous ("racism!! LGBTQ!!"). What a miserable existence she must lead.

  27. For real. I swear these people are addicted to fake outrage.

  28. It’s always people like her that assign something sexual to literally everything. Keep decorating those donuts. If I could buy you some white and rainbow sprinkles I would.

  29. Man. I was really hoping that when the hotel door opened it was going to be a surprise party for him. Oh well… how shattering.

  30. Oof. I’m so sorry. People always laugh at me (sometimes honk) for rubbernecking those intersections so hard. This is exactly why. I hope you and yours are all alright.

  31. I hope you could explain what was happening to your mom in time so she didn't freak out lol.

  32. She knew that she had never done anything like that so she asked me if it was a scam. Lol

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