1. Why did it have to be Vaporeon, I curse whoever came up with that copypasta

  2. Lined up head to feet or next to one another? Possibly stacked?

  3. Why is nobody talking about "mouths closed, no teeth" am I the only one freaked out by that?

  4. Are you saying the entire ad would be better if it said "mouths wide open, full set of chompers"

  5. I'm confused by the clarification of "no teeth" for plastic mannequins with closed mouths. It's like ordering boneless fries

  6. Person: gets run over by car. Anti vaxxer: iTs tHe VAcCinEs!

  7. We need to start by breaking up the CONTROLLED MEDIA MONOPOLY like was done to Ma Bell in the 80's.

  8. We need to CAPITALIZE more WORDS to make it sound IMPORTANT

  9. Yea that sub randomly got recommended to me and it scares me how easily some ppl believe stuff, so I told Reddit to stop showing it to me 😭

  10. Reasonable, I went to see how serious people are on there and if it's satire, it's to a point where I can't tell anymore that it is

  11. Is this high vaccination mortality rate in this room with us?

  12. The child has to go to the hospital before going to the funeral, implying the child will die in the hospital

  13. Wahrlich gesprochen wie jemand der nur an sich selbst denkt

  14. For whatever reason it is, I find big animals being playful like this really enjoyable to watch.

  15. This might sound weird, but to me it's terrifying, I would not dare going anywhere near a frolicking animal of that size

  16. How could this secretly not be a fetish post or at least an attempt at creating one (as per the attempt to get 13-16yo boy feet)?

  17. Does that qualify as cp, since it's got clear fetish innuendos?

  18. Ich glaube es wird krass unterschätzt wie sehr Eltern ihre Kinder manchmal dafür hassen dass sie dumme kleine unfähige Menschen sind

  19. that fucking blows my mind. "hmmm i can't find any examples of the side effects to this vaccine that i want to find to show people how bad it is. so i'll make it up."

  20. Not only that but I guarantee another anti vax person saw that and took it for the truth, only deepening their echo chamber hole

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