1. Gun safety isn't THE issue, but it is AN issue. Free public tax supported gun education for all would be great.

  2. My non-lawyer advice is to not buy ANY federally illegal substances online even if they are legal in your state.

  3. I like mine too, but I also know it could spontaneously disassemble on any given shot. The quality meets the lowest of bars.

  4. I don't think mine has ever felt like it's going to disassemble it's self. It just goes bang lol.

  5. You cannot trust these review sites. Just watch what you want and either enjoy it, or not.

  6. For text conversations? Then I can only imagine that you have had to use it with a limited number of people.

  7. I do think social media has had a net negative impact on the cultures that use it.

  8. Answer: he's literally not being "cancelled," he's not even losing any viewership over this. people are just criticizing him.

  9. Let me guess, a few fake twitter bots used harsh words about him? Now it's "viral", he is getting "destroyed", and now of course he is "cancelled".

  10. Cancelled: When someone with wealth/power/lots of followers that they can leverage get criticism of any kind.

  11. "Gentlemen, the plan is progressing better than we expected. It is time we moved on to phase 4!"

  12. If you think that's interesting, the rednecks in my area would blow your mind.

  13. It's literally the job of several people in the company to NOT create failed content. That the task is not easy is exactly why large sums of money are paid to these people. I am taking a wild guess that you and I would have taken one look at Cuties (one example) and shouted "Fuck off!" to the heavens. That things like this fall through the cracks is incompetence.

  14. Of course Cuties won't appeal to me but I'm not their only audience. It appeals to someone. Some of their investments will turn out to be garbage. Not all of them can turn out like The Irishman. It's the best strategy they've got to compete with Disney+'s looming overtake. From a business perspective, it makes sense.

  15. There's definitely one certain audience that Cuties appeals to. Maybe I was wrong and you would have hand waved a pedophile-bait movie.

  16. No, despite what fear mongers want you to believe, this most certainly not normal.

  17. What? No. Printing is essentially brandishing. That’s why it’s illegal. You can threaten someone with the firearm without drawing it and waving it around.

  18. Please provide a source for you assertion that printing is illegal. I think you're full of shit.

  19. We were explicitly taught in CCL class that printing can be construed as brandishing by a judge, per the wording of the law. This was in Chicago, so maybe just a warning that a grey area will always be interpreted as black, not white.

  20. I see. My training instructor presented a different lesson. Ultimately, you can only expect to be held to the letter of the actual law and not the interpretations of CCL instructors.

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