1. I went to Key West once. Took 12 hours to get to Florida. Then another 12 hours for Key West. Worst drive ever

  2. It’s a lovely drive but I’ll never do it.

  3. Outlaw…..wanted for stealing hearts. :)

  4. I just ate dinner but this post title made me hungry and thirsty. LOL

  5. I found this post as I’ve been wondering who the hell this new character is. She seems so forced and sure does get a lot of screen time for a new character.

  6. Burger Chef was a big chain back in the 1970s. On par with Burger King. I think it ultimately folded into Hardees.

  7. You can vote to secede. You can even win the vote to secede.

  8. You can get a roll privacy screen made for chain link that have grommets to attach it to the fence. They are designed to hold up better under windy conditions. I think they come in either black or green but maybe blue too. Will probably out last other solutions.

  9. Home Depot. Bought a long time ago. It was 6ft wide and fence was 6ft so we didn’t trim fabric. I don’t own the house anymore or I would have more details and pics….

  10. No description gave me some good ideas. I found a 6'x15' sunshade on Amazon that says it's made to cut to size and won't fray. I'm going to try it out by cutting it down to 5' tall, adding grommets where the fence posts are and mount using turn button fasteners. Bonus: it comes in various colors so I went with tan but might try the green or blue for some variety.

  11. Why shock at all? If you water is balanced there is no need to shock. That is a pool store way of selling more.

  12. We don’t want another old, white, rich, man.

  13. Graduated college end of ‘99 and started my first real office job. This movie was so on point.

  14. I worked part time after school and weekends at 16. Parents said if I wanted to borrow the car when I started driving I had to pay for my own gas. Was a fair deal.


  16. I'm no pro but I'd say a full replacement could be overkill.

  17. One of my favorite flavor combinations is a grilled pork chop and a baked sweet potato with butter and cinnamon.

  18. I use a pair of $10 mud boots from Wally World. Easy to slip on and off and still wear shorts and they protect my feet and shins. Usually last me 3-4 years.

  19. This will come in very handy for team building exercises! /s

  20. Holy shit. I used to broadcast. Forgot all about that. Thanks for the memory.

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