1. How many times has this happened so far? 2 times? 3 times? Even more?

  2. So they've been wrapping a turd in a bow to proudly show-off their strength these last few years. I heard they were keeping their 'real' army and equipment for the real invasion. So we might see one of the 4 operational T-14's in action soon. Although my understanding is that the engine is unsuitable for it so it'll need to be towed into position.

  3. "This T-14, is it in the room with us right now?"

  4. This is very easy to say when there are no missiles or bombs falling on their cities.

  5. Oh they started polling worse for the war when it started going badly and people started to realize they could be sent to die.

  6. Perfect sunflower fertilizer you mean.

  7. Buying right now could be a good thing to do if only because when it launches, there likely is a huge amount of the playerbase getting back into the game at that moment which could drive prices up a lot.

  8. All those Russian puppets will, one by one, stopping to push the kremlins agenda eventually the smaller the kremlins budget gets. They are financed by russia but soon they will have to cut corners to keep their domestic efforts and won’t be able to fund their puppets worldwide. We see the first cracks with Hungarian politicians seeking distance from the kremlin already.

  9. I would expect some repubs to be kompromat, and have no choice but to do as putin wants them to do. Otherwise Putin will ruin their careers or even lives if they've been caught doing something very heinous.

  10. Listen, if you learn one thing about Christianity, learn this: Christian charity does not depend on judgment of who is "right" and "wrong". Both the Bible and centuries of church teaching express that mercy is supposed to be available for everybody, without condition, because every single person is a child of God.

  11. I'm all for forgiving russians once they finally realize the wrong they are doing and stop it, whetever this finally comes from the gaining some moral fiber all of a sudden or being reduced to nothing and being at the mercy of angry people.

  12. Jesus forgave his executioners while they were hammering him to the cross.

  13. And absolutely nothing in the world changed, just more suffering, because a lot of powerful people would rather sin than actually make the world a better place for others.

  14. It's hard when your whole system is built around taking money from even non-moral people. Are they gonna invest in you if you actually do what is right? Probably not, so better to just say you don't wanna do anything.

  15. I had no idea it meant that either.

  16. Me neither, I just assumed as a non-native english speaker that hard R is for the mentally handicapped word when I keep seeing it, cause I see a lot of people being upset about that.

  17. Yes, they do end up in prison if they don't hide their identities though.

  18. Not that much? What price range are we talk about by "a short period od time". I can see various other cases going close to 50% in last month. Sure, in last few day CS2é had more favourable ROI, but I would argue it was mainly due to previous days, when it was way more stagnant than its competitors.

  19. at this point people are really speculating on CS GO 2 effect on market so there's a lot of FOMO buying.

  20. They should increase the drop rate, because if cases are more expensive people won't open as many of them. Why settle for the 13% tax when you can get more $2.50 keys sold.

  21. I think they prioritize people buying the expensive skins directly than just buying cheap key and case, they don't make as much from those.

  22. I don't know... guns and their use have been synonymous with abuse by anyone group that tried to "reclaim" it. The banalization of murder, even in self defense is something i can't really bear... For many it doesn't look like a last resort type of thing, a tool of power and oppression stays a tool of oppression even in the hand of well intentioned people.

  23. This is the stance I had when I was younger, It's nice when you do have a privilege to not worry.

  24. is it really disliked though? although not fully vertical like how it should be, its still an OG knife. and supposedly there is a bug with it where you can have it showing both hands when you have it out (not entirely sure if it works with all knifes)

  25. It's not really disliked if you compare the prices to like something like the daggers. It's not the most wanted, but defintely not disliked.

  26. Oh my god I literally sold my FN WILDFIRE a few days ago fml

  27. It's probably the best AWP skin for me and the highlight of the CS20 case, so I think they have some good potential to go up a lot.

  28. I don't suppose Russian generals have ever read about the Pyrrhic War?

  29. Pyrrhic victory is the standard russian victory, they will gladly send large number of other russians to the meatgrinder as long as they can take tiny bits of land.

  30. High ranks just slacking off while private Poitato is actually fighting...

  31. And this is why stupid people love him. He thinks at their 3rd grade level.

  32. It makes me laugh reading what he writes, cause it sounds like some 8 yo is talking nonsense.

  33. Cat: What am I gonna do with this!?

  34. ahhhh, a fellow man of culture!

  35. I think he walked from The Witcher because he's a fan and it doesn't respect the source material. If that's true huge respect for him.

  36. He was really adamant on following the lore, but the people in charge just wanted to do their own thing and said some salty stuff about him being a toxic gamer.

  37. You're literally talking to a dude who lives in a country with the Nordic model, and probably lives comfortably due to it, but is willing to acknowledge the exploitation that comes with it.

  38. I live in finland so I know the model

  39. Bro, after the revolution, Russia literally went from a nation where people were still using wooden hand-held tools to farm to a nation shooting rockets into space in a rivalry with the United States. Keep in mind, this happened in fifty years for the U.S.S.R.

  40. They had theories on how it would work out in the 20s like a lot of people did, but not until germans started to actually working on V2 rocket technology during world war 2 they really became a space power.

  41. you know if you scroll a little bit more in there, you will saw people saying genocide is good actully.

  42. Killed a lot of people, feel good...might delete this post later.

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