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  1. some say taylor jenkins is selling off all of the challenges he didn't use in the playoffs to pay off his mortgage

  2. which track you going to? also after the races you can stop down in the pits and talk to the drivers/crew and ask them questions. most of them are happy to answer

  3. lmao why am i getting downvoted so much? i really don't play cs much and thought this was a funny moment

  4. Constantly aiming at knee level then going for the perfect headshot... hmmmmmmm

  5. Wrecks are the farthest thing from midget porn. I want to see racing not crashes. I don't understand people that get off on watching people wreck.

  6. Keep it in the Grizz family! Godspeed Slow-mo. In my opinion he kicked off this new era when he signed. He was never going to be an all star, but he always steadied the team and helped us build for a bright future

  7. They had no books to work with in the end. I don't entirely blame them, or believe GRR is blameless for not being involved. He didn't write the books.

  8. Is that second picture Jon Lacy?

  9. that's taylor kuehl. she's from arizona but moved to iowa. she has a youtube channel

  10. Nothing wrong with some friends talking about racing on the internet and having fun. I have no issue with that. The issue lies in how they think they're professional journalists on the level of Pockrass, Gluck, Weaver, and Fryer, and expect to be treated as such. When they have no more inside knowledge or professionalism than the rest of us.

  11. this is also my only issue with them. especially when they have such horrible takes and cringey sketches

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