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  1. Damn. Looks amazing. I just grabbed my first set of paints and minis a few days ago. Got any tips for a beginner. It's pretty intimidating

  2. Is there a point to this image? OP agrees with media that games teach killing? Is this supposed to be a good position?

  3. I think they disagree with the media, but picked the worst games to do so

  4. Would having previously played the original Skyrim mod have much in the way of spoilers for the standalone game?

  5. not really, you'll have a better understanding of the basic principles but it is very different.

  6. Just days after I named Joncon to the Empressguard, this event popped up and I noticed my new husband was sexing him up, after Emperor Aegon's death.

  7. Just disable your mods. Then add them back one at a time until the issue comes back. Then you'll know what mod is causing it. Also make sure that the mods that have MB version aren't stand alone. Because they could be messing with each other.

  8. Hondo: Like I always say, talk soft and drive a big tank AT-ST

  9. Goddamn I hope we see Hondo again. Once of the best characters in Star Wars.

  10. "Tis indeed quite, as the children say, sussy"

  11. Had to do that all the time, until I figured out how to stop constant wildling revolts whenever I took over Beyond the Wall.

  12. how did you figure out how to stop wildling revolts? Anytime I play beyond the wall its torture

  13. Past Starks were probably panicking watching the War of the 5 Kings. The main line about to die out. I'm sure the afterlife was quite noisy when it all went down, Starks/Arryns/Baratheons all watching it go to shit.

  14. Love is a good time to go to the beach and I'm going to go to the beach and see if I can get a ride to the beach

  15. And what about depending on your character looks or hell even in that case charisma might play a bigger role

  16. Yeah, just what I need. To be rejected by a video game character because I made my character look like me. Lol

  17. Do you know what an invasive species is??

  18. I am being absolutely serious I can't see how it would be a good idea for such an activity.

  19. Just wait until you hit puberty and you'll understand

  20. dude, I am nearly 24 I have been through whatever puberty I am going to have so just explain the appel.

  21. the appeal is eating out a woman as she rides your face. She isn't actually just sitting with her full weight on you.

  22. Tali's whole deal in wanting to remove her envirosuit and ride Shepard literally bare-back despite the risks to her health is just a convoluted expansion of "let's fuck without a condom, that way we'll feel more" - change my mind.

  23. I think its more about intimacy of skin on skin than the actual sex

  24. that is hardcore racist because that's only 1 out of infinite alien types

  25. Sell it at pet stores, right next to the cat food (future cat vomit).

  26. My cat came into my room this morning looked me in the eye and just vomited on the carpet. just... why

  27. It depends on the project. Beyond Skyrim predates ESO, some teams having had the bases to their lore dating from before Skyrim's release, as converted Oblivion mods. Planning lore and how your province will be takes a long time...and has to be done before any actual production work is done.

  28. You also have the fact that it's been a millennium since ESO and things are bound to have change drastically. Especially in the chaotic world of Elder Scrolls.

  29. Oi bruv, you got a loicense for that invasion

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