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  1. Must be life threatening if no one ain’t talking 🤷🏿‍♂️

  2. It is, did you see the post in Superstonk last year they were direct messaging Redditors threatening their families because they were smack talking Shitadel

  3. You thought a ugly p.o.s. worth 25 billion in monopoly money couldn't find a barbie doll compared to that daughter thing?!?!?!?! Then you also believe Nancy keeps a job worth 0.2% of her net worth to better America.

  4. You're mean, she's cute! Oh wait, her looks are irrelevant, the names are what matter.

  5. Listen guys and not guys and others. This is OP’s first shot at his own DD. With that said…

  6. I should've just typed my essay at the top like everyone else 🤦‍♂️ I'm ACTUAL autistic IRL which makes this funnier

  7. Meh. A lot of reposting of shit from months ago trying to catch karma farming through something that sounds relevant is what I'm seeing lately. You're no different.

  8. Reposting DD that's true? This FTX situation is new... You can either think I'm a shill for reposting, or you could use common sense and realize that blockchain transactions are public, and that this situation can expose some numbers on a synthetic share count, and that AA is a genius for creating APE. I don't care about karma and awards, at the end of the day I'm holding xxxx and only care about accumulating more 🚀

  9. It says I have 150 upvotes but it shows me 1 LOL I think they hate my memes yall

  10. Yes, and mods of Superstonk are technically financial terrorists for getting everyone to DRS. That's what the CEO of Overstock said: He could prove there was naked shorting, and HE would be investigated for rigging the market by proving there was naked shorting. This is what mobsters do - shift blame and focus. When you own the courts and the justice system, it makes it hard to win even when you have the moral high ground.

  11. Exactly. I would trust independent research, mathematics and corrupted data to form an independent decision more than I would trust any CEO

  12. I can't believe how fast this sub got hijacked. Noones even doing DD any more it's just all this brainless garbage

  13. So based on what the rules say, doesnt this imply they will publish it on Federal Register in 30-60 days since it's been requested more then 3 times???

  14. If you try to screen shot this to post to your Facebook friends it gets blocked, but ya'll already know that's common sense


  16. Yahoo republished it too! Put this everywhere, all your friends who doubted your AMC conviction will wish they had some AMC tendies!

  17. If the share price is not increasing but the shares on loan keeps creeping down, they're clearly stealing our shares and money

  18. It's a meme stock in his head because it fell hard. Whatever a meme stock is 🤨

  19. Wtf no way is that real? They really made it say that? Did anyone else see that??

  20. DD isn’t done…everything is totally different than last year. Look at the float size. It’s over 10x’s the size since Jan 2021. A possible 4 BILLION more APE can be thrown into the float. Stocks with small floats are conducive to short squeezes, not big floats. Please point me to a specific DD that talks about short squeezes on stocks with large floats?

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