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  1. You cannot live without your ego. You can learn it’s function, and not let it control you, but it is necessary for your survival. Learn to live with the ego. (It’s just a thought)

  2. Come to BAJA!, nice and sunny, beaches and mountains, the land of wine and lobster, haha what can I tell you i'm in love with Baja California Mexico. Check out Ensenada.

  3. Article is not available in my county (germany). Could you please add a short summary?

  4. Astronomer here! Lots of dumb headlines abound about this object, so here's a quick summary. The comet in question is

  5. well...they still keep me calling "Guapo"

  6. lo agarraron con las manos amazando! a una gorda golosa!!!

  7. Tatemar all the ingredients, add a morita and a pinch of ginger

  8. There goes my monkeyturd flying like a penguin wooh!

  9. Como el original, con la sangre, sesos y espinazo de mis enemigos aztecas

  10. I have this router, it's fantastic, built by Chervon since they took over production for Skil. For the price, this can't be beat.

  11. do you think it will work on a cnc table?

  12. Diría que yo, pero fue en Ensenada hace dos años y no nos torcieron en la movida.

  13. puntos extra si fue en la curva del mosko

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