RC takes stake in Alibaba! per WSJ

A smol, delicate danger noodle.

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.


*Lowers face into palm*

  1. Not sure why this is always said here. Believe it or not, it actually does matter who initiated the trade, as MMs take the other side of these, and if they bought a block of shares they will want to drop them at some point.

  2. The post he linked says to sell shares at 120, lol. This post is ridiculous and should be removed.

  3. Wtf? Yes he did. Look at the image. The price targets for selling are right in front of you.

  4. This sub has really jumped the shark with all the bobby crap.

  5. It's a concerted effort, my guess is we run soon and they need to divert FOMO $ away from GME. If you make any negative comment about towel (especially regarding the recent popcorn-style dilution), you will get bot-downvoted to hell immediately.

  6. I’m part of this sub and you brought it up. If you want to talk about dilution, take your own advice and talk about it on another sub.

  7. I didn’t bring it up, the poster and the person I replied to did. IMO anyone on this sub pushing towel when it just suffered 500%+ dilution is likely a bad actor.

  8. You’re still talking about towel stock, so take your own advice and stop talking about it or take it somewhere else.

  9. How do you get “hasn’t been diluted yet” from convertible preferred shares (99.8m shares alone from these) and immediately exercisable warrants? You’re delusional

  10. I just doubled my share count from ~1500 -> 3290. We know they are not declaring bankruptcy in the next few weeks after the filings today and the chances that the price goes up even a few $ is high considering the current situation. I am not expecting a squeeze but if the price goes up 100% like it did a few times the last 2 months that is plenty of profit.

  11. Have you considered your ownership % before and after the dilution?

  12. He wasn't there, but he should have. If only the bastards hadn't cancelled it...

  13. You’re unsettled about a 16 cent difference on your buy to todays closing price?

  14. It’s a reasonable concern if/when it becomes obvious MMs are arbitraging the bulk CS purchases by running the price up just prior. It’s also illegal to front run like that.

  15. OI (open interest) refers to contracts that are still active/open at the end of the day. Volume tracks the number of sold, bought, or traded options in a day.

  16. Yes, but short options (eg, covered call, cash secured put) are counted as well, not just long options. There is no way to tell if OI is bearish or bullish, as you don’t know whether those open contracts are bought or sold.

  17. Count me as confused as well. I can't sell an option contract without someone on the other side of the transaction buying it. I can't buy an option contract without someone on the other side of the transaction selling it. One cannot exist without the other.

  18. Think of OI as a count kept by the options market maker of the number of contracts they have taken the other side of. It does matter because you, as an individual, aren’t hedging to delta neutral against the contract you just bought or sold. Options MMs are (typically).

  19. People still in brokerages have an active wealth manager like me so I can't manage their accounts on CS without setting up multiple different companies to do so. Then I'd have to get approval from different agencies for that special kind of management. Then I would have to explain to regulators why I charge an active management fee on a stock my clients buy and hold. Also my clients have no idea what CS is.

  20. Im sorry you’ve had to make this reply like a hundred times. It’s not hard to understand, people. He’s a wealth manager, DRS doesn’t work.

  21. Have you figured out how many Fridays there are in December yet?

  22. I’ve reported your post for misinformation, as you are excluding days meeting the criteria to fit your desired narrative.

  23. Have you reported your "4 fridays in December" post for misinformation?

  24. First, not a post, it was a comment. Second, missed a day. Never said I didn’t. Doesn’t change the substance of my comment that you never addressed.

  25. But in the 10-Q it does say they weren't able to pay

  26. My guess is they agreed to (the covenant) pay off the credit line (over advance) prior to (prepayment) a change in control. They didn’t, so the change in control triggered the default event.

  27. Look at TWTR, did it go above $54 after the acquisition was announced?

  28. Yeah that's once they are combined. That doesn't happen with the snap of a finger once any merger or acquisition is announced, it is a process.

  29. Yeah but people will arb the merger, aka short any price above it to capture the difference by holding until the merger occurs

  30. With ATS, not DRS. Other transfer agents have limit sells. ATS just sucks.

  31. It literally says materially adverse event 👆

  32. This isn't new, it says so in the second paragraph of the document. It's an advance notice that must be made public due to a legal requirement.

  33. One thing I consider is the CTB is at the time they borrow. There could be millions borrowed at low rates before. It’s like a barometer for liquidity and shorts desperation to short IMO but always an important data point to consider

  34. You made a similar post a few days before BBBY shot up to $25 in August. You’ve convinced me, now I’m all in!

  35. La gente que se queja de los gringos son unos imbecil. TODAS las ciudades tienen zonas caras y zonas baratas. Historicamente esas zonas llevan ya desde muchos años siendo zonas caras.

  36. Me gustaría ver algo similar en Manhattan porque la mayoría de los gringos no pueden vivir allá

  37. Do we really think they'll allow GME to run into a leaps expiration? If it is allowed (which would put many more calls in the money), we would then see some decent upside the following week as well do to settlement, correct?

  38. It’s possible some long 1/20 calls are held by those with a net short position, especially if they bought them as a hedge during/after the sneeze (can’t remember when this expiry became available). If that’s the case, they may prefer to run it to obtain those shares.

  39. We’re not an army, we are individual investors making our own financial decisions which just so happen to be aligned

  40. Think the DTCC will well-implement it?

  41. Nope, no one thinks a DTCC blockchain is an actual solution.

  42. What about creating fake securities? aka, naked shorting

  43. Yeah, MMs can naked short but they can’t carry a massive naked short position for years, definitely illegal

  44. VW went from like 200 euros to 1000 euros, how is that 147%?

  45. Needs to obtain Net profit first and strengthen balance sheet.

  46. What do you consider weak about the current balance sheet? No debt, a billion in cash

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