Obi-Wan Kenobi - Episode 6 - Discussion Thread!

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  1. They don’t want us to have a solid black shader either

  2. The twab said something about an emblem for being nice to people. Maybe it’s that?

  3. I’m pretty sure Calus was trying to say “Daughter I’m sorry” just before whatever happened, happened. I think your idea of mindless conscience is really dark and I hope that is what happened. Like he had a moment of clarity at the end there but it was too late.

  4. I can’t believe they released the coating only for the event core. Smh.

  5. Coatings are supposed to become fully cross-core during season 2 so it's a "for now" kind of deal

  6. I wish there was a vampire lord polymorph since there is a werewolf one

  7. It’s a lot like Arrivals with a public event as the main activity and a dungeon alongside it. I know people consider the dungeon not part of the season but cmon. It obviously is, we’re just being charged extra this time. Maybe if the dungeon was free it wouldn’t seem so bad, but idk. I’m pretty much tapped out on this season tbh.

  8. So many people try to claim that having open chat with enemy teams isnt about shit talking, and they want to be "social, when it clearly is.

  9. I can’t decide on what class/ race to play. My high elf warden is my highest level (40) but I just started a high elf sorcerer that’s pretty fun. But I also want to have a Nord dragonknight, a khajiit of some kind and an orc but I can never decide and end up spending all my time creating characters

  10. Idk the name but I really dig the one in the first green column, second down

  11. Every time someone does an “Eris Sus” post, I get a little more disappointed.

  12. I think the cassian show and possible reva show may be unnecessary but I’ll have to decide after I watch them. I’m down for more Star Wars as long as it’s good. Darth Maul kinda makes sense since they set something up with him in Solo. I think Cal should stay in the games only.

  13. Wouldn’t you need training with either one? I feel like you wouldn’t get much use out of the force if that were the case

  14. Seeing as I just bought the star destroyer ima have to go with the star destroyer

  15. Can't believe Vader didn't say he had the high ground there smh my head

  16. I used graviton forfeit and tried to be invisible as much as possible. Suppressive glaive was also around back then tho and that made it really easy.

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