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  1. Bruh people are wierd, they love family on family shit. You've got a big opportunity here.

  2. It's not that you've gotten worse. Actually you've gotten better. Matter of fact, you've gotten so good that you can recognize what's good and what's bad, something you couldn't do before, and now you see that you're text is shit.

  3. Some people say that you should get attached to the charachter and not the story. Other people say that you should start form the ending. Some people say that you need to habitualize it and not rely on the fire inside of you.

  4. So there's things people like reading. What you want to do as an author is spot those things and put them into your own book. Your book needs to be similiar enough to other books that people can go oh it's like X, yet different enough that it's an original book. That's essentially what writing inside of a genre or a sub-genre means.

  5. Thanks! I try to keep everything as free and clear as possible so we can focus on creating better stories and so we have less removals.

  6. Mods, there's this grammar bot on this subreddit. Get it banned. Wtf is that bullshit.

  7. Overall, I liked the story. My favorite part was the use of the word "audit." In this context, "audit" means to review, review the records and discover anything that needs to be changed. I love how the author put this word in the story, and put it at the beginning of a sentence. This is a very powerful word. I also liked the sentence: "You understand the terms of my contract?" I squinted at the T'loxian in front of me. They were holding the piece of paper like it was a bar of gold. This line of dialogue reminded me of a passage from my favorite novel, A Canticle for Leibowitz. In that novel, the monks are asked to audit the books of the monastery. And so, any book of the monastery that was written in a language that was not Latin has to be translated. And so this passage from "Firebrand" really resonated with me.

  8. "What a stupid saying," Gulgar said. He pressed his finger into the fizzing liquid inside of the large glass. Slowly large balls of liquid travelled up through his skin and towards his stomach. "Humans are many things. But not a threat."

  9. You managed to wind me up and then feel silly about it. Good job!

  10. If stress was a person I'd spit at them and tell them to piss off, but they'd already have their hands wrapped on my neck, and they'd already have some strange contraption rigged to my heart, keeping me going.

  11. Adventure came in many forms and shapes and sizes. Danger trailed behind it like a cat stalking a little bird. With caution, you'll be able to see the cat lurking but that doesn't change the fact that when it jumps your life is suddenly on the line. That's why it's important to always be cautious and never let your guard down. Hell, listen to me, I sound as if I'm talking to a bunch of rookie adventurers.

  12. Two things should be noted about finding a staircase in the middle of a lake. Things like this didn't just appear, but this was the entrance to a dungeon. Dungeons held many things inside of them, most notably traps and mobs.

  13. "Now there's three people inside of my fucking room, probably wanting to kll me. It's just not acceptable."

  14. That last paragraph gave me sparks. I was expecting this story to go in a whole other direction, and I've gotta say I like it this way more.

  15. On second thoughts. Writing this from the girls perspective would have resulted with a stronger story.

  16. Her voice makes people want to kill themselves, so when she hears her own voice through the echo, the title happens. Another comment described it quite well.

  17. They can only transform in the full moon, but instead of full moon, at sun rise.

  18. What a horrifying predicament and poor girl. Jesus. That relevation at the end really shocked me.

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