1. Maybe, but I think we an actual trailer before we actually make a decision on that. It's hard to tell with an image from a monitor.

  2. Wait, someone actually ever lost this battles?

  3. The ending does give you the feels alright. But what happened in Y7 gives me the impression that this(hopefully) isn't the end just yet. Can't see SEGA letting go of Yakuza's posterboy just yet.

  4. There is no pain quite like pocket circuit pain….

  5. The funniest thing about etsuko is that she’s actually really good and probably the best non platinum hostess, which is really funny considering what she is

  6. Substories are generally regarded as canon. They even get referenced in the main story, or substories of other games, and sometimes they're continuation of the actual main story of the game, for example the substory with Dojima's wife in kiwami, or Majima mentioning Ryuji stealing pants in K2 from his substory back in 0. Idk what happens to all the money and properties you rake in though.

  7. Because the Yakuza are scared of private businesses?

  8. Is this yakuza 0? Where do you get that cannon? And who is this guy your fighting

  9. i got it from the equipment search function, lets you send agents all over to have a chance to bring back mats, recipes, gear, weapons

  10. Dragon tiger equipment search north America area 51 or in japan research lab

  11. I might get downvoted like crazy, but please let me explain first haha

  12. I'm part of the RE community and made the mistake to not share the opinion of some Fans about Albert Wesker and got attacked on another social media plattform. All of these guys only read some words of my bad english emotional talk and went into overdrive mode. I just wanted to avoid that here haha because yakuza really means crazy much to me

  13. there's always gonna be rabid blind fanboys for popular games

  14. the game is set in Japan, so it's better to use JP voices

  15. the ones that makes me wanna try bec of yakuza... all the diff kinds of whiskey

  16. love that your heat gauge is fully charged after a viewing

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