AITA for refusing to help my step sister with her house purchase and telling her and my step father that it's because of how they treated me as a child?

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AITA for telling my wife that she can stay home this Thanksgiving?

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  1. What facial exercises do you do? I’m interested

  2. It depends honestly. Sometimes I just keep them on but I usually don’t

  3. You got her best pics lol. She’s a 6.5

  4. NTA. But him and your mom are, how could she let them do this to you and your brother? She just went on trips and left you two?? And now she says YOU were wrong for putting him in his place? Hell no

  5. I’m a fan but honestly she is a 6.5 nowadays. Still very pretty but even her face looks puffy with the added weight

  6. She looks so different from nowadays. What did she do?

  7. Objectively she is a 6.5ish, subjectively a 10. She really shines when she smiles

  8. YTA. You are indeed controlling and intrusive

  9. YTA because you’re clearly a mama’s boy and your wife will never win against your mother

  10. I mean, he was drunk and high… If you guys do joke and flirt I understand where he would be coming from, specially because he just insinuated instead of asking openly - I think he was testing the waters with you to see if you were up for it. I understand your shock but I don’t think he is an asshole or anything like that, at least just based on this situation. And either way, there’s a chance he doesn’t even remember and there’s also a chance he remembers it and is very embarrassed about it. I wouldn’t take it too much to the heart, honestly.

  11. He insinuated she might have sex with him for money. He's a major asshole. At least when he's loaded. And the stuff that comes up when you are completely blasted is often the stuff you'd like to do normally, at least subconsciously, but are too reserved (or smart) to indulge considering actually doing/saying.

  12. A lot of people would have sex for money, in fact a lot of them do this for a living. It’s not something bad. It would be if she was in a rough spot and if he was trying to explore that by offering money, but that’s not the case

  13. I think she’s the kind of person who doesn’t photograph well but looks really good in motion. I thought she looked amazing in His Dark Materials.

  14. Not sure if she had anything done but to me she looks soooo much better than the the celebrities like her that we usually see here. They all look the same because they all get the same procedures done (just like our ocidental instagram girls). She not only is pretty but also unique/natural. For me it’s a 7/7.5

  15. Wow. I don’t see anything “off” to point out but at the same time she has this uniqueness, “non conventional” vibe to her. I’m mesmerized, a 10

  16. He looks great in pics but he’s even better in motion. A 9

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