I'm a voice actor, I edited the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer to see how it would sound without Chris Pratt

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  1. I just want yoshi to be voiced by eddie murphy

  2. The odd thing I noticed in the interview video is Andrade was calm and talking about the locker room then kind of shifted and flare up when he mentioned that there was one incident before he mentioned the Sammy story. But by the end of talkin about it he was calm and just chatting that its been all sorted out and how Sheamus hit hard etc.

  3. So table for 3/4/5/6 without the food.. telling nothing but territorie stories :)

  4. Wrestker signs over, gets that big debut pop... get their "... is All Elite" tag.. Have a good showing for a few months then they move aside and sooner or later Tony Khan just doesnt know what else to do.. he chases that debut pop.

  5. I wonder if its common with Tabby cats but my old Tabby went blind in the same eye, but we never got it removed because he is much older.

  6. As soon as Saraya came out I said the same thing myself. "Is she cleared??" The Womens division in AEW make a ton on mistakes, moreso than WWE.. yes Nia was known for her botches but in AEW, the women all seem to have communication errors and make mistakes.

  7. Or halfway through just cuts a promo on Fat Samoa Joe even though hes in AEW. XD

  8. He was also 'Snot' for a brief period in Impact for their ECW reunion PPV, dont think he actually wrestled but hes gimmick was picking his nose.

  9. So Page lost the tournament of Champions but gets another shot? Why couldnt they give us someone new?

  10. The suicide prevention commercial is pretty serious but I just noticed Eddie Kingston wearing a Married with Children patch

  11. Bring in Scott Steiner to terrorise the crowd again at every taping

  12. Love Charlie!! Such a bad ass... happy to see her succeed in wrestling.

  13. Best of luck Cherry!!!! I cant attend but ill def try at the next shows - I used to go alot when it was in Liverpool.. I should definately start going more often :)

  14. Happy hes back on UUDD if he is returning as a performer Id really like to see him take over MMM with Maxxine and Max goes back to L.A Knight.

  15. Ikr. They took out New Day and dont get added into the match??

  16. Hell im trying to figure this out too and im 38M out of a 10yr marriage.. if youre lost at 25 then ive got no chance hahah

  17. So funny that almost 2 years ago Buddy was in a relationship with Reys daughter and now Rhea, Buddys real life GF is in this oddly similar storyline with Reys son.

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