1. Dynavap w flower. I smoke in bathroom w fan on. Had my wife try to smell it in bathroom 5 mins later and she can’t.

  2. I don't understand how a Dynavap would be smell-less at all.

  3. Not true you are not combusting you are vaporizing. Smoke sticks to everything and continues to smell. The vapor from a dynavap does not stick to anything. It also doesn’t have all the added stuff carts do that smells. I have vaped w my dynavap in the bathroom and came directly out to my wife to see if she could smell it at all on me and she couldn’t until I breath. She picked up a faint smell from my breath. I then had her go into the bathroom to see if she could smell it in there and couldn’t. To each their own, I don’t work for dynavap just offering you an option. Hope ya figure it out.

  4. Not attached. I drive by their farm all the time. It’s all fenced in like a prison.


  6. I don’t know about if it’s safe or not but I did read if you are a medical card holder in your state you can apply for a Hawaii card in advance and buy from dispensaries there.

  7. I’m guessing you will get as many opinions on this as there are posts but depending on your tip, cap, torch, and hitting style your hits will vary. Once you develop your system you will learn where to stop. I was getting a flavorful first hit light cloud, second hit was heavier could with less flavor, third hit was less cloud and even less flavor, forth hit was next to nothing so I stoped at 3. Now with the revolve and a single torch the first hit is flavorful w a big cloud, second is still heavy less flavor and third is nearly nothing. So it will all depends on what you like and your system. Hope that helps.

  8. Ordered revolve and reload last Tuesday and haven’t heard anything shipping wise… really looking forward to it too, normally wouldn’t worry but no tracking makes me anxious. Contacted them. In the states, so not sure how that goes, usually I’d get things from UK by now.

  9. USPS Customs in US will hold it up nearly a week or more so expect 10-15 days at least for shipping after Mad Heaters sends you shipping information. I know he is out of stock now except for some seconds (that are better than most companies best) so that may be why you haven’t revived information yet. They will send you a Royal Mail tracking number.

  10. The vapor is cooled so much, you barely feel it with the airpath fully open. My throat is hardly irritated anymore.

  11. Mad heaters Revolve stem with a ti Dynavap tip and captive cap - single flame torch for my daily driver. Mighty plus with a Simrell adapter and Mad Heater stem for when I’m having a session with others. I vowed I was not vaping liquids not knowing what’s in it and all I see is posts about how upset people are about them or the device they use to vape them. So I knew I wanted to use flower and didn’t want to smoke (combust) it. So my research led me to where I am and I found most that try the Mad Heater revolve list it as end game. Hope that helps

  12. I’m sure having insurance cover the cost would be a huge help for those with financial constraints. It could also cause issues for those that have, let’s say a borderline diagnosis. As soon as insurance companies are required to cover the costs of MMJ, the requirements are going to become far more restrictive and harder to meet. You won’t see anymore of the 5 minute FaceTime calls to to Dr Weed to get a card. It will all become controlled by the insurance companies if they are required to pay for it. So be careful what you wish for. Just my opinion.

  13. MADheaters will come with a wooden stem made for the Revolve quite soon normally. I saw it announced on FC.

  14. Try feathering it. That took my first pull from a very light cloud with great flavor with the airport wide open, to a first pull of a very heavy cloud and good flavor.

  15. I'm glad I just received my first Revolve, it should tide me over until this comes out.

  16. Nice breakdown. I didnt have any complaints about my revolve but the changes all make sense. Its amazing what they have crammed into that stem and I love their price point. These really left the factory dyna stems in the dust. That would be a $250 stem if Dyna made it. The only downside is I dont feel I need another stem after getting the revolve 1.0. Im already content.

  17. I feel the same way but I’m sure I will end up with one or two or three lol

  18. I find the breeze moves the flame and even more the heat. Maybe it’s moving it enough to effect the timing of the clicks Maybe aim a bit closer to the tip when outside so it clicks sooner in the cycle. See if that helps

  19. Oh that’s a really good point. I can attempt moving the flame higher reducing chance of combustion and click comes faster. Thanks my friend!

  20. I like Hawaiian snow from Aloha Green Apothecary, you like indicas the Puna Cookies is great

  21. Thanks I prefer sativa That aloha dispensary is rated high in my search for best dispensaries.

  22. I just got a pr of these a few weeks ago and they are doing good so far. Small enough for your pocket but a larger tank.

  23. Mad Heaters Revolve changed things big time for me. I used to use water with my Mighty plus so it was less harsh for my wife. Without water it was a bit hot and harsh on my dynavap and my mighty for my wife but was tolerable for me. Water was a PITA so i started researching. Found Mad Heaters Revolve. It changed everything. When it’s just me I use it w a ti tip and captive cap. Vape is literally cool to the throat like it’s coming off ice. Then on the mighty it’s better than water. So the Revolve has changed everything for me and as I see it right now it’s my end game. I do not use my dyna stems or water at all now.

  24. Hated it, had to empty all 40 dosing capsules since they were mega fine ground.

  25. I haven’t tried many but it does do the job so I will give you that.

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