[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Q&A/Tips - Ask away!

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  1. This was a really hard decision to make, but ultimately I think that the other three I can cut are stronger characters, so I choose to eliminate

  2. 46. Marvin Latimer (Big Brother 5 6th place)

  3. I’m going to use my first of two vetos on Marvin. In my opinion, he’s the best villain of all time. He had so much amazing moments and played the game hard, so I think he deserves endgame

  4. No issue with the veto. But “best villain of all time” I dunno.

  5. I did phrase it wrong. He’s not the best, but he’s my personal favorite

  6. I really liked this episode. The extra 30 minutes really added a lot. I hope survivor will consider making 90 mins the normal in future seasons

  7. Why would take a Beward Challenge right before tribal?

  8. His ‘love of the game’ has nothing to do with it. He didn’t even watch 23 but ‘heard about’ the CookOut. He’s just using them for attention

  9. I think all of his bb knowledge cam from watching like three peridiem videos 😂

  10. As many as you can find would be great, I need a lot to be able to craft some pansy tables

  11. Ok I’ve got 40, I can take another trip with around the same amount if you need, mind shooting me a code?

  12. One pockets full should be enough actually, I’ll send you my dodo code. Also fyi I recently reset my island so it’s a mess

  13. This is a really hard cut for me. The four people I can cut all deserve to make it too 50, but unfortunately I have to cut

  14. I’m busy right now, but in an hour or so I’ll be available. Is there any way I could come get some Yellow Pansies?

  15. I am going to miss Brittany. She provided so much entertainment this season and was definitely one of the best characters. I’m really glad she made it all the way to final 4 though

  16. Welp, that sure was a super short lived women's alliance

  17. ‘Hey Julie, remember Richard Hatch?’

  18. No, I don’t have her amimbo (or any amimbo). I got them off of Nookazon so I probably can’t get in nook shopping

  19. Yes, that would be why. You'll need the Amiibo card to add them to your inventory for shopping/reordering.

  20. I’m ready for this season to be over. The game became stagnant once Michael left.

  21. Honestly me too. I’ve enjoyed this season a lot but I’m ready for survivor. Plus the whole Monte thing is not fun to watch

  22. It’s been 24 hours so I am going to take my turn. I’m actually going to be using my refresh this round because everyone this is an impossible decision. I’ll go over everyone I’m saving and why and then I’ll go over my nominations.

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