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  1. oooh I like this a lot! I haven't listened to Ab6ix before, thanks for the song!

  2. Oh V has so many unreleased songs it’s become a crime! Idk if you’ve heard

  3. Jumping in here to give a shoutout to another of V's often forgotten songs: Scenery!

  4. I submit for back-up embarrassing points that even his stage name “Hoshi” was made from the words 호랑이 (horangi) + 시선 (shiseon) which means “gaze of the tiger”.

  5. BTS Jin and Jimin. I would love to just sit down with those 2 with a bottle of champagne and talk.

  6. Great dancing, but very lacking in expression, made me feel like I'm in a staring contest at parts. I think varying things a little would make this awesome.

  7. I really hope that in addition to taking legal action against this person, they step up their security/vetting the people around their idols, it's horrifying that this person even had access to personal photos (which they then used to try to hurt her) and even more so since it may have been someone close to Jennie (staff, etc..)

  8. I think it's been mentioned that it may be in correlation to the idea that love is so sweet that it can give you a cavity or something

  9. funny enough there’s a theory that started from kstays that Maxident is also a worldplay on love/wisdom tooth. Love=Sarang, Wisdom Tooth=Sarangni

  10. They killed this! Loved seeing Blue Flame again, Eunchae is really shining this stage and Sakura seems so confident.

  11. Maybe it's cos it seems more obviously simplified? 2nd gen choreo was never meant to be very hard, but now that we know in 4th gen how much focus is put on perfect synchronized dancing, seeing dances that are intentionally easy seems a little weird?

  12. I agree, it often looks too "created to go viral". A lot of times groups will have a semi hard choreo and an overly simplified 'hook' move that's obviously meant for TikTok challenges.

  13. really hope she actually gets treated like a main vocalist this upcoming comeback

  14. TIL Miyeon is a main vocalist. I'm a very casual fan of IDLE and I thought she and Yuqi were leads and Minnie main.

  15. nope. miyeon and minnie main vocalists and yuqi is lead. but miyeon doesnt get treated like a main vocalist

  16. sometimes we get the answers we need, but not the ones we want.. thank you for answering and commiserating!

  17. If BTS didn't exist, I probably wouldn't have gotten into kpop as a whole and would still only be listening to Blackpink. If I did get into kpop anyway.. maybe StrayKids?

  18. My list would be the complete reverse order of yours! I love seeing how diverse tastes can get.

  19. This is me with Treasure. I love love love Darari, but unfortunately, I haven't come across any other song of theirs that hits for me... at least not yet.

  20. This is the day I fully admit to having a crush on Jeon Jungkook. He's so handsome and cool and those eyes.. sigh...

  21. I will sue the stylist that tries to go near Yoongi with scissors.

  22. I know nothing about this field. Why can’t you just slap bleach on her hair to get out the original color? Is it because it’s too harmful?

  23. I'm not a hairstylist, but I have naturally dark hair that's been dyed black, and then pink, then went blond, so I have some experience with this.\

  24. What if you have dyed hair that has faded a good amount but not completely and you bleach and dye it? My sister does this all the time with semi permanent bright colors.

  25. It's safer to remove the semi-permanent colour first and then go in with bleach. Even if it's faded, repeating this process of semis and bleach will cause more severe damage than if the colour was gone and the hair is in a natural state (or as close to it as possible).

  26. I personally cannot imagine BTS singing Magic, that being said they released PTD so where do we go from there.

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