AITA for storming off from my sister's wedding after she deadnamed my son?

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  1. Yeah would be a good idea to salary sacrifice into your super before tax. You barely feel the difference if you put $50 - 100 every pay before tax. Also think about your death, TPD and income protection insurance through your super while your young and don't have a serious health conditions. There are people in 30s and 40s being diagnosed with heart or brain conditions or getting into serious accidents that can no longer be covered for these insurances or they find that they are covered for very little. You can also call your super to get advice for free, they can actually be a great resource

  2. Ah yeah the TPD and income insurance is definitely a good point. I saw that a lot of financial clients aged 30-40+ on the books at my prior workplace were knocked back for conditions they'd developed in the last 5-10 years.

  3. Choose an industry fund and look for a low fee investment option, is my advice. HostPlus & Australian Super are both excellent. Hesta has impressed me with their active role in fighting climate change.

  4. I ended up going with Australian Super. So far I'm not sure if they have a high risk investment option though so I'll have to look into it.

  5. This. My full name is easily made a nickname and so I went by that nickname my entire life up until last year. And I secretly fucking hated it. (Think Anne of Green Gables — she liked being called Anne, NOT Annie.) I finally drew the line this year and have been reestablishing what I’d like to be called.

  6. I don't remember this part of my childhood, but apparently I would chuck a tantrum everytime someone tried to call me 'Annie' instead of 'Anne'. There were 3 other 'Anne's at school, and a few that would be equivalent to Anabelle etc.

  7. Thanks for letting me know. I'll add it to my health log to share with my doctor.

  8. There are also Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures which present the same. Though for myself I found that I could somewhat remember the event and I would try to interact but with distorted speech. For me they were a result of untreated PTSD from watching my mother pass in a traumatic manner when I was 5.

  9. This is so true. We have 2 types of farmer markets nearby- the bougie type with $10 pizzas and goat cheese, and the “normal” farmers market where you can get stuff like peppers 4/$1 and turnips 5/$1. They have the exact same farmers as vendors.

  10. The advice people usually give of "just go to farmer's markets!" always annoys me because the majority of them near me are the bougie type.

  11. I always go through binge periods of playing Cities Skylines! Though I definitely wish there was more early game progression to make each city last longer, since I tend to start over and over again. I'm a planning type player who loves to add lots of details. The game has a surprising amount of play style variation!

  12. When I had periods I would make a Nutella mug cake because it was the easiest and simplest one I had ever found that was at least passable. Honestly it's a bit closer to a brownie in texture but it gets the job done.

  13. His argument was that despite them being fake characters, that they are played by real people. I told him that actors are just the face of the characters and nothing more. Y’know?

  14. A relationship needs trust in all aspects of life. And that includes one's sexuality. A monogamous relationship is a choice. And if there's no trust in your ability to choose every day then there will be ultimately relationship failure.

  15. I'd honestly rather it be an average weekend surcharge instead of having Sunday match public holiday rates.

  16. As others have said, food is going to be the big one. Look to buy from markets or local fruit and vege stores rather than supermarkets. Frozen and canned stuff can be just as nutritious as fresh while being cheaper. Also if you eat a lot of meat, try cut back on meat in your diet because that can add up.

  17. Yep I've found that tofu is a lot cheaper than mince now. The reason I compare the two is solely because of the price per kilo info though, since things like beans and chickpeas would of course be even cheaper.

  18. NTA for sure. I suppose you could have opened up the nature strip once you figured out the solution for the driveway but considering he has no consideration for you, don't worry. I'm definitely biased though since our Aussie rental lease literally disallows tenants from parking on either lawn or nature strip. So I would absolutely go full out trying to get anyone who parked there to stop so that we weren't thought responsible.

  19. Just got made redundant today. I wouldn't be surprised if I got notice of a rent increase in the lease renewal next month...

  20. Im in a 2 person sharehouse and we pay $300 each. Would that go far in Sunshine Coast or not really?

  21. $300 for a room in a typical suburban house is pretty standard now. But the infrastructure is poor and you'll find that most people are travelling 20km just to get to shops/venues. And sometimes you'll just have to travel into Brisbane for household things.

  22. I married Harvey in my first play though cos I'm a sucker for insecure nerds.

  23. Is a car that will be more expensive to repair than to buy a different one considered survivable?

  24. I’m curious what sort of Lavellan you’re seeking out? It’s been years since I read Apotheosis, so I cannot remember how she was characterized in that fic, unfortunately.

  25. Subscribed! Looking forward to more. I have to admit reading about their relationship really gave me that itch for a Solas who actually does tell her why he can't commit.

  26. Of course there's a shot of a bald character with multiple glowing eyes, wearing a coat and a hood completely covering their ears.

  27. I'd love it if it's another one of the elvhen pantheon, or a forbidden one

  28. I have tokophobia so I definitely relate! I am so very glad that I don't get a monthly reminder of my reproductive capacity. I'm super lucky that a progesterone based subdermal birth control implant works for me and stops my period.

  29. This is something I've heard before, but the only blood I've seen in a public bathroom was when someone was actively bleeding from a wound. Is this an American thing? I'm seriously wondering if I've just been very lucky my whole life, or if it may be cultural.

  30. Well this isn't something I thought I'd be sharing today but it's coincidentally relevant. I saw blood smeared on the front of a toilet seat in the female bathroom in the shops today here in Australia.

  31. I'm currently replaying with a Lavellan romancing Solas because of all the new 4 stuff.

  32. My first was a cactus that rotted from the inside. Then I propagated my Nan's spider plant babies and I've had their descendants ever since.

  33. Here's some info on CTE from the mayo clinic:

  34. I wouldn't be suprised if my husband has this. As a child he had autistic meltdowns that resulted in self-harm in the form of head banging. But then you'd be pressed to be able to tell whether the symptoms are from CTE or from the ADHD that he also has.

  35. Nawww another of my budgie's cousins! :D

  36. I guess the main reason I'm poor is because my mother died of lung cancer when I was 6, and my father took off. My retired grandparents on the pension took me in. I'm definitely better off having been raised by my grandparents than in the system, but it was still a struggle.

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