1. Fall back and buy more from sewer merchant

  2. A picnic table with one of those umbrellas a cold cup of tea and a large yellow book called “galactic construction for dummies”

  3. I’m wondering if this was Shanks failing to save Kidd. He clearly knows this island and how the locals would react. He may of been trying to maim them so the giants wouldn’t flat out slaughter them like they did.

  4. The faults on you. Your friend was clearly fleeing the battlefield and you slaughtered them like animals. That’s pretty much a war crime right there.

  5. They’re just testing to see whether they can open their mouth wide enough to swallow you whole.

  6. Mine would lay down on my purse when I got home so that I couldn't leave again. She only moved after I changed into lounge wear. She absolutely knew and would pitch a vocal fit if I went out for the night too.

  7. She does the same thing with the shower. I get up for work use the bathroom then by the time I go to the shower she’s planted herself in it and we have a stare off. In theory I could get her out of there very easily by just turning the faucet but I’d feel like an absolute heel.

  8. If you don’t put your candidate I’d number from WOWcareers onto it they’ll refuse to take it

  9. Growlmon requires low discipline and 1600 stats goldveedramon requires 1800—2400

  10. So I’m 300 hours in(game clock keeps ticking in sleep mode) and my game has started doing weird things. For the last day or 2 whenever I save the game it freezes for maybe a minute or so. It eventually starts up again but damn if I didn’t panic the first time due to how much I’d lose. Anyone else experienced this?

  11. I hate it when the show has to reference something, I assume, it skipped in the light novel. What was that flashback when Blondie was practicing at the end of Cid with a bag on his head?

  12. You don't need any specific combination. However, if you do a permanent fusion using a Mega (with your other partner or with a resident of Floatia), that "yellow Mega" Digimon will lose the ability to ExE.

  13. Thanks for this I was just searching for why I couldn’t fuse my omegamon and Susanoomon. Given they’re both mega fusions it makes a lot more sense

  14. I don’t get it the prices check out the dates are valid what am I missing?

  15. Ah I was looking for practical issues that would fuck up the special didn’t notice the typo my bad

  16. Wouldn’t mind a rewatch. I’m so pretty sure I can guess the answer but did this ever get a dub?

  17. Yep the one that doesn’t waste any time and kills Leomon in the first 5 minutes

  18. I did read the manga( like 2 -3 years ago) and honestly thought they were an anime addition.

  19. Given they justify Dragon-Aunts employment I assumed they were book accurate.

  20. Don't know why you are getting down voted. Personally, your comment made me chuckle

  21. I knew going in that it was a good taste risk/reward joke. I must admit that I forgot about the beast kids in the village and that probably tipped the balance more towards risk than I should of been comfortable with.

  22. Or walk to Mod Cape head straight north and you’ll be on a ship loaded with Seadramon. Enter the ship cross through the small room then cross through the big room you’ll be on a deck full of black birdramon with one exit. Take the exit cut through this area and you should see a door guarded by wargrowlmon pass the door and you’ll be in an area with 3 wargrowlmon ignore them you should see a building to the north inside you’ll find who you have to talk to. He’ll give you the gear for Guardromon and open the path to get back to him

  23. Punters Planet exists for this reason

  24. I used to like that site. For the last few years though it keeps telling me I’ve exceeded my daily allowance after just a few clicks

  25. I wish people wouldn’t label a video by it’s audio properties when it has none. I love a good moan

  26. Generally no I’m afraid. Store policy is not to put out catalogues before the deals start so as not to cause confusion with customers who don’t realize they’re looking at next weeks specials not this weeks and complain about false advertising.

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