1. And I’m sure that the fact she doesn’t want him there resonates very loudly. At the end of the day it’s her house, but she is a step-parent. A parent kicking out an 18 year old kid who’s probably been doing the same thing he’s done for a while feels rough. She’s seen improvement, but he messed up again. Surely no 18-year old has ever screwed up.

  2. There are many dorms that will kick you out first offense when you’re caught smoking in the dorms.

  3. Idk there are some hilarious chip commercials and I don’t think that only thing overpriced about that is the time slot. Also funny chip commercials don’t get me to buy the chips.

  4. YTA, it doesn’t seem like the case here, but you do realize non-disabled people drive disabled peoples cars too. My mom has a placard in her car. When I visit I have to park on the street and those spots are hard to get, so if I have to run out, I take her car so I don’t lose my spot. I don’t take her placard down just because I’m not disabled…I just don’t park in handicapped spots.

  5. Doctors don’t necessarily get off MLK day. I had an appointment that day. Banks get all the holidays though.

  6. Area it is a condo right near some really good highway access and a train that goes into the city. Hard to comp because this would be brand new construction

  7. How far outside of Boston? $700k for a condo in the actual suburbs is highway robbery in most places because of all the extra shit of living in a condo and dealing with a HOA. If you’ll have neighbors above and below you, you will be paying a shit ton to hate your life if your neighbors and/or the soundproofing suck. I have a coworker who owns a condo in eastie and is basically living with his parents because of a psycho neighbor.

  8. Have you ever been tested for narcolepsy? I have narcolepsy and sleep apnea. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  9. Home inspections with a first time homebuyer are a huge hassle. I know before I bought my first place I pulled out of a sale because of the inspection report which now years later I realise I was stupid.

  10. In the process of buying my first home. Our report mentions a lot of little things which I honestly think is great. Our realtor suggested, and we agreed, to add in our offer that we wouldn’t be backing out over the inspection for issues totaling less than $5k. Nothing major popped up so agreed, our report probably would’ve been pretty short, but it’s nice to have a report of things I may not have noticed that we can easily manage ourselves.

  11. It’s less of a selfish problem and more of a you’re a doormat problem. Don’t be a doormat.

  12. True, I’m a doormat in some areas but selfish in others. I was a designated driver twice, first time I was just really annoyed but the second time, my cousin was supposed to be my DD for my 18th birthday but he got drunker than me. Because of how high the Ubers charged then I took him home. I outright refuse to be a DD now.

  13. I’m happy to be the DD if that’s the plan, but I’m in my 30s and cut out the people who wouldn’t reciprocate a long time ago. Like OP regularly not making plans because someone would get upset they can’t drive them to work? No. It’s not my job to get someone else to their job.

  14. Ohio has specific registration for service/working dogs distinct from “emotional support animals” where you can just buy the vest on Amazon.

  15. A Maltese absolutely could be a service dog. They’d be great as an alert dog for dropping blood sugar levels. Small dogs are perfect for that coz the person can carry them in a chest carrier because they can detect changes from the scent of the saliva. Most people would find it difficult to carry around a golden retriever to alert for lows.

  16. My exit was handing in my tech and having a call with HR about ways they could improve. I liked the HR girl so venting felt good and she was like girl go out and celebrate leaving that mess. I don’t think she was there much longer. I probs wouldn’t have bothered if it was with a partner. They didn’t listen while I was there, why would I waste my time telling them as I’m leaving.

  17. Lots of people also pay to park at the commuter rail, so add another $10 there, and factor in 3 hours of personal time lost for a more accurate accounting.

  18. I'm hoping he expands this to cover insulin for everyone. My insulin last month was $500. Thankfully a manufacturer coupon hit and lowered it significantly but my god it's ridiculous.

  19. My boyfriend gets three months worth of insulin for $75 using a manufacturer coupon. But fuck insurance dictation on what supplies you can and can’t use as if type 1 diabetics are using particular supplies for shits and giggles.

  20. Yeah I know I'm just saying if OP never went through until it changed they'd still be sitting there today, like Charlie on the mbta

  21. Since he knows it turns green my guess is it was a blinking left arrow. Are there any blinking yellows that aren’t arrows that turn green?

  22. We technically got them to cover closing costs, but really it’s just how we’re rolling the costs into the loan. And the sellers even pushed back on that originally, even though they would be walking with the same amount of cash.

  23. Major con of many condos - neighbors. I’ve rented a few condos, and before my last one my plan had been to buy a condo as my first piece of property. The first one I lived in the insulation was decent, no issues. The last one I lived in I could hear the lol reading beside stories to the kids above me. From my desk by the (closed) window on the second floor I could hear people having a conversation on the sidewalk in normal tones. Multiple times I woke up feeling as if the kids above me were gonna dive through the floor. And I had no indication of this when I looked at the place. Decided after that I was going SFH only.

  24. You’d be surprise how much you’ll be able to sell your stuff for on FB marketplace or Craigslist. Avoid spending thousands on moving and buy used at your new place.

  25. Avoid spending thousands in moving costs by selling all your shit for $500 and buying all used shit for thousands. Unless you hit the marketplace just right or you’ve got the time to wait for the stuff to sell, you’re not making enough money to replace the shit you need when you get there. Especially with so many people just giving shit away for free, or buying up the cheap stuff and repurposing it then reselling for hundreds.

  26. Most people don't qualify for federal loans, they have to take private loans. My distribution was about 20/80, and of that 80% about 60% was unsubsidized.

  27. What. Most people qualify for federal loans. A few reasons to not qualify include not meeting satisfactory academic progress, previously defaulting on a federal loan, or be enrolled in an uncovered program (ie unaccredited). So, pretty much highly unlikely to not qualify at all. You might be confusing subsidized vs unsubsidized, but both are federal loans. Unsubsidized are not private loans. While they are not as good as subsidized loans, they are significantly better than private loans. For instance, the interest rate for subsidized and unsubsidized is currently ~5%, private student loans range from ~6-14%. And while comparing 5% to 6% isn’t a big deal, 5% to 14% is a massive difference.My boyfriend has three private student loans - 13.5%, 10.5% and 9.75%. His federal unsubsidized and subsidized loans range from a high of 7% to an incredibly low 2.75%. Unsubsidized and private are not the same.

  28. Yeah 80% of my loans were federal. Sorry if that wasn't clear. And I understand that I'm not the average case, most people don't have that ratio, they have closer to the opposite.

  29. 92% of student loan debt is federal, so no- most people don’t have the opposite. And for students that actually have the opposite ratio, it’s not because they don’t qualify for federal loans, it’s because there’s a max on federal loans so they supplement with private.

  30. While I definitely disagree with OP about adultery being made a punishable offence, I think you are underestimating just now damaging it can be to a person. Imagine a couple that are otherwise happily married with kids. That act of cheating completely turns everyone’s lives upside down. Suddenly their life completely changes. The kids have parents who live in houses, usually only seeing their dad at the weekend, and the party who is cheated on is left traumatised about the sudden shock and change in their life that came out of nowhere.

  31. So the alternative is the cheater goes to jail and the kids don’t get their other parent outside of visiting hours? If someone is cheating, especially repeatedly, they are not in an otherwise happy marriage. Just because it may appear that way doesn’t mean it is. I don’t see legislating punishment stopping people from cheating in their marriage. It just makes them get better at hiding it.

  32. …breaking a contract leaves you open to civil recourse, not criminal.

  33. If you're an adult it doesn't cover much. I recently switched to OneCare (Commonwealth Care Alliance) and they have much better dental coverage including root canals.

  34. Do you work with a case manager at CCA? They may be able to help find a dentist/oral surgeon. Back when Fallon had a one care I worked in partnership with them and the case managers at Fallon were great at helping their clients find providers and worked directly with the providers to help schedule appointments. My understanding was that the other one cares also did this. Fallons One Care died quite a few years back so things obviously may have changed, or I could be repeating something you already know, but so many of my clients were unaware of all the benefits we/Fallon offered through their onecare until the team reached out so felt it was worth mentioning.

  35. We have the same thing, it expires in 18 months we haven’t gone to it yet. So I’m glad I found this post so we are prepare. They said it’s 2 hours long and it’s a “fancy dinner.” And I will definitely set a timer. I’ll say whatever I need to say. This is a good one.

  36. We did one over the summer and the presentation was 90 minutes. So we booked an ATVing thing for 30 minutes after it was over and it was a 30 minute drive. At the beginning the guy was just chatting asking us how our trip was so far, what we planned to do, etc. We told him that we had ATVing planned and paid for so we had to be out exactly at the 90 minute mark. He didn’t even attempt to push that time. Like even if I were interested…by it not being over in 90 minutes that means you’re trying to make me lose my deposit, and that just wouldn’t make me want to buy from you.

  37. The scam is they don't take no for an answer. It will take you 4-5 hours of saying no for them to accept it. The people doing the pitch are really good at turning nos into maybes into yeses. Plan on spending your entire day of the pitch constantly holding your ground on the no aspect, no matter how tempting and how willing they are to work with you. They'll tell you "it's just a 2 hour presentation" no, it'll take your whole day and you will have to firmly say no over a million times. Not even exaggerating.

  38. I’ve gone to timeshare presentations twice and have another planned for the fall. Never buy. The first time was awhile back so I don’t really remember but I don’t remember being held longer than they told us. The last was over the summer. We had an ATVing thing booked for after the meeting so we told them, you said it was 90 minutes so that’s all we got. Guy kept us maybe 5 minutes longer just chatting but he knew we weren’t buying. Plan on doing the same tactic next time. “Sorry we’ve put a deposit on this outing…gotta go byeeee”. Like hell I’m giving them 4-5 hours of my time when it says 90 minutes. But I’ll let them do their pitch to get a long weekend away for free.

  39. My mom is a smoker and I still never realized how the walls literally will sweat it out until I lived in an apartment that had always been non-smoking but a prior tenant must’ve smoked in the bathroom. You’d never have guessed because the walls looked clean and it took a bit to start after I moved in, but eventually when I’d shower it’d sweat the shit. At first I was like what in the fuck is running down my walls. They sent a cleaner in to do a good cleaning but it didn’t stop it from starting again. Hard pass.

  40. My son rented an apartment that a former tenant smoked in. Every time I'd go over there would be streaks on the lower bathroom walls (the drywall part) and I'd say are you sure your cat isn't spraying?? He'd swear it's just something in the walls and that it keeps coming back. You solved the mystery, lol.

  41. Glad I could help lol. I was constantly cleaning it and nothing I did prevented it from coming back. The paint was new and the apartment was recently renovated, but it just bled right through the paint. The bathroom also had a popcorn ceiling so I think there was nicotine stuck to it which added to the problem, but even cleaning the ceiling only helped to a point.

  42. Maybe I’m alone but I never did Becker Sims except for their practice exams. Their sims bothered me

  43. Definitely not alone. I watched the solution for the sim if it was an area I was struggling with, but they were too big to be effective if I actually did all of them.

  44. Absolutely. You have to be worried about the overconfident drivers going 25 mph over the speed limit more than anything.

  45. Or the terrified drivers going 25 when the roads are pure pavement. You mix both the overconfident and the terrified together and it’s a recipe for disaster.

  46. lol any time someone mentions people speeding there's always the guy who says going slow is dangerous too. Sure, under normal conditions. But going 25 in the conditions OP posted is fine

  47. I mean I wasn’t directly responding to OPs pictures, I was responding to a comment about bad winter drivers. I was on the pike, 93,95 and route 9 today and plow crews were out in full force. Roads looked nothing like these pictures, but it was just messy enough that if you mix the under confident going 25 in a 55 and the overconfident going 80 in a 55 it’s a recipe for disaster.

  48. That and the rules. My friend said she had to take her Halloween decorations down because of HOA. Like so you own your place but still have to follow someones rules

  49. Right the rules are crazy. My friend had to change his front door (that the prior owners installed) or face fines because it wasn’t the same as the rest. You couldn’t even see his front door unless you were on his porch.

  50. Where the hell have YOU worked??? EVERY job I've ever worked had me sign a contract for, even creepy-ass telemarketing jobs!

  51. There’s a difference between signing some kind of code of conduct or employee handbook and an employment contract. I’ve worked many jobs and while most (if not all) had an employee handbook none have had a contract in the way other countries do.

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