1. Omfg this was so unnecessarily long and over-dramatic.

  2. I believe it's called "asian cowgirl" or "squatting lotus".

  3. Dude you sound amazing I really love how your falsetto sounds!!!

  4. Sonic beat all chaos wives Now Sonic can be Super Sexist

  5. She needs a vocal coach. As everyone has said, she has a lot of potential, and she seems to be pretty smart and fast learning music-wise.

  6. How many years to get to this point?

  7. The younger you start, the faster this can be achieved. Needless to say you can forget it if you're 80, although I'd love to be proven wrong.

  8. It’s more the idea of being on pitch with the music “and” with other people if you’re singing not by yourself

  9. You can actually improvise a melody acapella and still be off pitch. But I agree that in the end, it's a context thing.

  10. From one stupid to another: thank you, I was scrolling down looking for a commente like yours lol

  11. Wow amazing work, I'm a guy and I'm over here thinking that it would also be a good goal for me.

  12. Just meant I started working out 10 months ago “5 weeks out” and stuff I’ve heard but idk those terms

  13. Looks great, but the absorption looks too immediate.

  14. I agree with this, unless your sheets are like tracing paper, or your water is actually melted wax, cloth doesn't soak up water so quickly.

  15. Well sort of, first time I booted the game with my 5800x3d, 32gb 3800 cl 14 and 2080ti I was pleasantly surprised by the performance, dlss quality at the highest settings was hovering at 85-90fps. When I got to Hogwarts I was at about the same fps but suddenly would dip to 15 and stutter until I pressed escape and back into the game and it would be back to 70ish fps.

  16. 2080ti guy answering something nobody asked for again, flexing on people who game on 3600G APUs. Some people trying to get 30fps on 720p here you do realize that right?

  17. I will just remind you that this is what you answered to:

  18. How is this any different than a homeless person asking for money? At least I know the homeless person will buy something of use. Rather than giving it to a guy trying to defeat an ideology in a free nation.

  19. It's not the fall. It's the splat at the bottom that is the problem.

  20. Wow actually impressive register! You reach high notes with ease it's amazing to see.

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