1. You're either safe to be let go and come back later or you're not. Simple as that.

  2. No, because the amount of money as I mentioned doesn't impact everyone equally. So there is no difference between an organization vs a friend/ relative/ partner bailing someone out.

  3. Yes, a personal decision. Also, the Inslee admin ignoring natural immunity is juvenile at this point

  4. Natural immunity fades over time as well, so even if you had natural immunity, it's still a good idea to get vaccines.

  5. We get a ton of federal funding for unemployment just an fyi

  6. Where do you think the federal funding gets its funding from?

  7. This has nothing to do with federalism. This was about the EPA legislating law. They can't legally do that. The SCOTUS correctly said congress needs to do that.

  8. By the same logic, we can get rid of every other federal agency. No more FBI, CIA, FAA, FTC, BorderControl, DoD, etc.

  9. It's actually quite different. A lot of games, because they aren't open world, load almost all assets into memory initially and there is minimal streaming as you're playing.

  10. A ton of new games are open world though, as many devs seem to have been 'inspired' by BotW.

  11. You don't need to load the entire game in memory, only the data for the level the player is in.

  12. Oh, I heard that newer buildings are made of these materials because it's prohibitively expensive to use the materials that older buildings are made of.

  13. My anecdote. I have a home built in 1958. So solid wood struts and solid wood in most places.

  14. Oh my God, that's amazing the difference in logistics and labor costs. I hadn't considered labor, or that what seem like flimsier materials could be stronger. So interesting, thanks for sharing.

  15. I was the same but it makes sense when explained.

  16. Because once you look at the data others have across a wider range of games, the difference between the NVMe and MicroSD become smaller and smaller.

  17. Wish I’d known before buying into this damn system it was inherently flawed and the Ring camera buffers have to empty / upload before record can begin again! I’ve really needed video capture only 5 times or so in the past few years, and it’s literally never been recorded SMDHS. (And yes Wi-Fi is strong, sensors on max etc so is absolutely a design flaw / limitation). How on earth did something so fundamentally flawed get overlooked and how tf did I not figure it out earlier? Facepalm. I actually wonder if there might not be a class action possible here? Who designs a damn video security system that never captures when you need it!

  18. Every security system has flaws that need multiple mitigation. There's never been a one solution fits all scenario.

  19. Right to privacy implying a right to abortions is a stretch

  20. Right to bear arms implying a right to own AR15s is also a stretch since the 2nd amendment never explicitly calls out which arms a person is allowed to bear. It's all loosely interpreted.

  21. Wouldn’t the victims know who raped them? It does not look like there is anything stopping them from releasing a few prominent names at least. I mean, Prince fkn Andrew was exposed.

  22. Do you want to be a criminal witness against billionaires?

  23. Not close because renters or homeowners cover loses on dweling and /or stolen items.

  24. Personal liability…. Uh do you not know what’s on homeowners or renters insurance?

  25. Majority of insurances don't apply if you broke the law or regulation causing a fine.

  26. right? I've seen ubereats drivers take pics of the food, then fucking grab it and take it with them.

  27. Easier to trace when it happens.

  28. They are not the good guys, these are the same people who locked amd rsr from vega and polaris

  29. They didn't lock anything, AMD not implementing support is not the same as locked out.

  30. I don't know if you are joking or not but half of the things you mentioned is not even make any sense. Social messaging, what ? Achievements is for SOME selected games only, where is the review, game forums ? And match making and joining game is the basic feature of every games. Even the Epic's subreddit acknowledge this lmao. They know the launcher is bad, don't know why there are still people like you coping with it.

  31. Not every game on Steam has achievements either. Everything you complained about was a flaw in Steam and sometimes fixed.

  32. look. epic user went to steam to report gaming bugs and to search for fixes. epic doesnt offer a overview of user reviews. epic doesnt support streaming, which is helpful if you want to buy a game. no support for streaming to another computer in a lan.

  33. And what difference is Valve and their monopoly of games only available on Steam and no other option.

  34. I feel like their jank projects are getting awkwardly good and it almost ruins these kinds of videos a bit. They are still interesting but for different reasons now.

  35. I think LTT is evolving these to get within their own that isn't yet achievable by other content creators. Their previous jank projects were things that have been done by others or is easy to copy.

  36. I suppose the articles here and on PCMR relating crypto to GPU prices are causing this? Coz I've never been to any actual crypto sub except maybe WSB.

  37. I don't see crypto ads anymore, for the past two months, it's all lawn care, father's day, and more recently Legos and rings. Because my son and wife use my phone too for searching.

  38. Dude all I get is alcohol and crypto ads. I am interested in neither of those. I don't even talk about them

  39. You're reading and posting on a topic related to crypto........

  40. Now do the same for electric car chargers…

  41. The issue with electric vehicles is they're doing everything they can to slow down adoption. So making everything proprietary is by design.

  42. But Tesla is the only one with a proprietary port, and that adapts with the other major plug anyway.

  43. You forgot one big difference, that only applies to NA. Around the world, it's very different.

  44. thats only true BECAUSE its been running so long. It has lost brightness over time.

  45. That was already implied. However, doesn't change my statement I made that they weren't as bright back then.

  46. I want a way to prevent wear and tear on the shafts of the sticks. Every analog stick I have starts to wear down where the shaft rubs against the rim. I want a way to prevent that.

  47. Be less rough using the sticks.

  48. Even if it had a full PCIe 4.0 4x NVMe slot, it wouldn't matter in games anyway.

  49. What purpose could they possibly serve that isn't corporate profits

  50. The same reason people will use "free" services than pay for them.

  51. Installed windows for Gamepass myself

  52. No, only when I'm playing games which is expected. It's basically silent every other time.

  53. Nobody is gonna police this..they csnt even stop stolen cars

  54. It's easy to police when they can go after people who won't be running away and actually have something to lose.

  55. I hope when this guy gets out he beats your ass next. Wanting to coddle this pieces of shit. Fuck you

  56. No more than you want the state to ignore its own laws.

  57. He's not a victim. He's the victimizer. He should be paying court fees and restitution like in every other sane city in the country.

  58. You mean punish someone the same way as people who have something to lose? Go ahead, impose fines and see what happens.

  59. Continuing education happens in many industries that have licensing requirements. No reason we shouldn’t have the same thing for operating steel death machines.

  60. Because licensing in every state could not remotely handle the load of having to continuously test people.

  61. Heard back from MicroSwiss (that was fast). This stepper won't work, even if I could remove the gear since it's not a d-cut shaft. They said I should buy the Creality 42- 34 motor and it should plug and play.

  62. If you have a grinder you can make it into a D-cut shaft.

  63. Where are you guys getting these cards from?

  64. I got a Hynix BC711 on ebay for 105 + Tax.

  65. Why are they made to be that length if there is essentially nothing on the drive past the point of where he cut? I had no clue you could just cut these things and not screw up anything lol

  66. Because the same drive is sold as a 2230, the BC711 is primarily sold to server brands and comes in the same 2230 size.

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