1. Through terrible people. I was a bridesmaid, he was a groomsmen. The bride and groom are TOXIC and abusive to each other, as well as their cats. The week after the wedding, we cut them out of our lives entirely. They ruined their own wedding and tried to blame it all on us because they didn't approve of our relationship. "You don't have our permission to date because you're supposed to be OUR friends."

  2. No but why can’t they put it up for adoption? Just because a parent is incompetent doesn’t mean a child doesn’t have a right to live. Up to what week is it OK for a women to get an abortion out of convenience? Not for medical reasons

  3. Reading the rest of your comments, you're absolutely unhighed and fucking stupid. Jesus Chris can't even save you from your own ignorance.

  4. So we should kill innocent babies because the parent’s are unfit. Makes sense.

  5. If only babies were actually being killed, then your argument would make sense. You're a fucking idiot.

  6. That's definitely a case by case situation. Not a whole gender.

  7. Dude once showed me pictures of his wife and said I'm almost her exact body shape and size. Then asked me to try on a couple of dresses so he could decide which one to surprise his wife with for their upcoming anniversary.

  8. My ex and his sister were those kids. The parents sleep in different rooms and barely acknowledge the others existence. When he and I were still together, his parents would often "joke" about killing each other for the life insurance payout. I'm still waiting for the day I see their faces on the news.

  9. She's not awful. She's not "I would sell my first born the a crackhead and punch a kitten in the face for her tickets" amazing, but not "smash your radio with a hammer the second she comes on" awful either.

  10. Why does this seem like someone fucked up and posted the next Valentines bags but it was far too late by the time anyone realized it so now they're just going with it?

  11. Stating what my job is makes me SUPER identifiable. But the like: Telling people they're stupid. The dislike: Those people realize why they're stupid and still get mad about it.

  12. That's fine. That just means I don't have to interact with people unnecessarily.

  13. This guy sucks. All of his comments are just "I don't want to have to tell my kids no. So YOU need to be the responsible one and stop being so generous because I just can't be fucked to parent properly."

  14. Full sized candy bars are awesome. "Look! A whole bunch of kid-sized candy! And a couple adult-sized ones...I'll take those."

  15. We had so many kids and adults get excited when they saw the bucket We had full of full sized bars.

  16. No headbands of any kind, but let's also yell at and issue detention to all the girls with bangs because "get that hair out of your face!"

  17. Children often speak up about legitimate problems they're facing but they're not taken seriously because they're "just a child."

  18. My mother and brother are coders. So what did I do? Brought my husband into the mix who is also a coder. I'm not a coder. I often have no idea what any of them are taking about.

  19. That my husband chooses to be with me despite me being the absolute most embarrassing person he's ever met. I embrace the WEIRD in life and he's just along for the ride. ❤️

  20. Trapped in one of my brothers political rants about the Ukraine war in the other room. I escaped with a bottle of wine.

  21. I have a niece who's been trying to get that floral bag since they were originally announced. We've been keeping our eyes out for it on mercari and so on, but we keep only seeing them listed for like $60. I saw this and got it immediately for her. I'll figure out something for the other products later. Right now, the goal is the bag.

  22. Back when I was a delivery driver, I told my boss that we need more safety measures in place for us drivers in case someone tries to rob or murder us. He said "that's stupid. Nothing bad ever happens in this area. You're just being paranoid for nothing."

  23. My brother and I show our love through humor. We actually have a really good relationship. Next to my husband, my brother is my best friend.

  24. You don't. It's stupid and pathetic to shame someone for it.

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