1. I was hoping you would respond lol! This was a response to the therapist’s bingo. I guess they think this is all light hearted fun! It’s not like their actions or lack of skill could harm anyone, right?

  2. I'm curious how you have access to millionaires in particular to date? I mean, that's not the financial bracket of folks anyone i know would encounter on a typical day.

  3. No I grew up very lower middle class. Never went without a meal or a roof under my head but far from “wealthy” I live in a very tech heavy city where there’s a lot of wealthy people. I prefer older men anyways and a lot of older gay men especially around here tend to have more money than the average person.

  4. If the therapist gives you decent homework to do, and you can email them between sessions, I think it can work. I'm going to be doing that myself, because I'll be switching jobs, and will have to start over with a new deductible, & have to pay in full out of pocket for a while.

  5. Why straight men in particular? Is it the unattainable thing that is especially hot?

  6. The final note from my abusive therapist was that I lacked interpersonal skills because I didn’t thank her for the months I’d worked with her.

  7. Sounds all about the butthurt to me, but M'kay. 🙄

  8. Ah? Then i guessed right? Cool unusual for me.

  9. You guessed exactly right. It helps so much. Thank you.

  10. Do you have any personal background with Italian Americans with mob connections, or is this an interest that you decided to research?

  11. How to let myself feel it? 😢

  12. That is difficult. I still have bouts of crushing shame. I just have to recognize when it comes up, and live through it.

  13. I sold weed when I was in high school. I quit dealing for almost two years after I got expelled for it my senior year. After that I started dealing heroin. I quit dealing again after I got arrested. Getting arrested and losing a couple of good friends made me realize it wasn’t worth it.

  14. 15 and a half or so, it was april of 2021, and yeah it is odd how it works and sometimes i almost think i have something more severe. i think of myself as an idea and a character more than a person so i don’t value money, people, or anything else in my life basically at all anymore.

  15. That isn't me, but to hear you describe it sounds familiar. I think these are difficult sensations to describe.

  16. well i started therapy about 6 months after i went through a huge period of trauma in my life and i told my therapist what i was feeling and he told me that he couldn’t help. he told me that i needed to seek psychiatric help and then my psychiatrist diagnosed me with depression, anxiety, and dissociative disorder.

  17. Oh wow, that's intense, but kind of relatable. I hope you're feeling better than you were.

  18. Yes exactly! If I heard that from them we could have had something to work with. But I got nothing but a seed of doubt planted in my perception and intuition.

  19. I feel like I've made more progress on my own in the months after terminating with the "narc traits" 'therapist'. Getting support & validation from peers online has landed me more recovery than I've had in a lifetime of garbage therapy. 

  20. WORD. ....You could not have better described my experience better.

  21. If the nausea gets bad enough, I'd talk to your doctor about getting some Zofran or something similar. I like Zofran because each pill is in it's own blister, so it's super portable for those days when you HAVE to run errands. I keep some on hand for the bad days.

  22. It's things like this that make me so furious about the way I was treated in a "woke" agency by a biased, "trauma informed" "therapist".

  23. Yeah I don't like Ted talks either. I feel like this is a platform that solely exists to provide grifters with an audience to sell their book to. All talks are formulaic and the people who give the talks are mostly talented at marketing themselves. They all talk about their realizations in a super authoritative way, with the conviction of a con-artist. Ted x is the worst, it's even worse than Ted talks. I read Dan Ariely's book ( he's a behavioral psychologist) back in the day based on his Ted talk ( before he was exposed for academic fraud)

  24. Any that I have seen are pretty meaningless for people who are marginalized and without a reliable, disposable income. All but 1 I've seen have just made me feel angry.

  25. i had one, who asked me to fill out sheets on how the last session was (she was a therapist in training, and those sheets were from the insitute). I did so, and the first and/or second time we did talk about it. Then she forgot, but i kept on filling out these sheets. She was always talking so much and endlessly about what she liked and i had a hard time focusing her on my topics, so getting her attention to these and these sheets was too much.

  26. Yeah, unless we are giving them praise and/or fawning, they aren't interested in feedback. That's been my experience anyway.

  27. I just can't figure therapists out. They seem to forget who is paying them. That wouldn't fly at my job and they would be fired 10 times over. Canceling, forgetting sessions brings up all kinds of issues like does my therapist not want to see me or how can therapy go forward if missing sessions keeps happening. Therapists say all the time they terminate clients that don't keep appointments but it's ok for them to do it? No it's not. Then comes the therapists are human too but you are paying for their time and for therapy. You expect them to be present if they can't take care of themselves or their personal affairs then let them go. I found out a former therapist did have personal issues but instead of being upfront and explain why she would be canceling she let me drive to the practice and be left in the waiting room not once but twice. You don't have to deal with that. That's another reason why I won't see another therapist. You could go 5 or 6 months in and start to deal with their forgetting and if you have no choice but to quit then you'll have to retell your story with someone else. I too thought about canceling on her at the last second but then it felt like a game and it wasn't therapy anymore.

  28. I bet she does. These monsters love an opportunity to self promote. Sorry u went through that. She sounds so rude and insensitive.

  29. My "trauma informed" therapist was one of the most harmful relationships of my life.

  30. I'll talk about it more with my therapist. Particularly about how I can navigate getting involved with the local activist ccommunity.I donated supplies & money during the BLM protests, but have social anxiety. I feel like i need to get more directly involved now, so that will be the concern.

  31. I won't work with an anti choice or anti LGBTQ therapist, so I knew where they stood before I even made an appointment.

  32. I prefer "radical accuracy." I can deal with that MUCH better.

  33. How do you know that these people would be rejecting and unhelpful?

  34. Its a gut instinct thing. I think I've been stuck on all or nothing thinking, either beat friend or no friend type of thing. That and I definetely want a closer friendship a lot.

  35. I relate. I realized much to my horror, that most of my friendships were with people who didn't value me and turned passive aggressive until one of us terminated the relationship.

  36. It made me realize that I needed to improve my asshole-meter. 😜

  37. Yeah, your energy is better spent trying to heal. I filed my complaint almost 8 months ago now, and all it has done is kept everything at the forefront and caused me to dwell on the fact that it will very likely go nowhere. It’s a waste of time imo, these people are immune to anything but sex and drugs.

  38. Yeah, thing is, it's been at the forefront of my mind enough already. It doesn't need to be moreso, if that is even possible!

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