1. Just watched the great silence about a month ago. A really good film

  2. Yeah, marketing did a bad job with this film

  3. Kiwi: At least we are the centre of attention here

  4. New Zealand should stop complaining that they are often cut out from maps and just arrange for their lands to be transferred to that spot. It seems a much more practical place for a country.

  5. Don’t know why they didn’t think of that. Brexit should have taught them that

  6. I watched most of the trial and it was a massive shitshow.

  7. Ay! This defo one of the movies of all time, yo? Know what I’m saying

  8. I could do without the joker tease but otherwise very satisfied too

  9. Ikr. I was like just move on, stop with treating with another joker that has nothing to do with this movie’s story.

  10. The word “live” in your comment doesn’t help either lol

  11. The vast majority of this subreddit, actually. The only unexpected thing is that we expected it to be much earlier than now

  12. "Like a French kiss" - you use your tongue "but down under" - you stick it in her cunt (source: am aussie and a cunning linguist)

  13. This is why I hated the last Bourne movie, it almost gave me motion sickness with its editing.

  14. Damn now I kinda want to rewatch it and see how it holds up

  15. Pittsburgh was his best crowd ever. He said so when he opened for the Imagination Dragons

  16. How else are we gonna crossover the two movies to start the Parasitic Cinematic Universe?

  17. You have the same energy for the girlfriends from 20+ years ago who are supposed to support him right?

  18. If an ex has something bad to say about a person, it is expected. After all, people break up for reasons. If an ex goes out the way to say positive things about a person, that has much more value to it. Your question is absolutely valid tho

  19. That’s an interesting perspective but I also think time changes everything. Time mellows. You might rant about an ex for a year or two but you will typically let it go after awhile and remember them fondly or neutrally, if you think of them at all.

  20. I think it's more of a 'cannes' custom. Regular french movie-goers don't clap at the end of a film. From my experience only Americans do that. Even weirder, I've flown on multiple flights where the passengers clapped for the captain after a safe landing. But the flight wasn't scary or anything, it was a totally normal landing after a normal flight. It's only happned on flights filled with American passengers. I guess they just love clapping.

  21. Heard from an Italian that Italians clap after a safe landing.

  22. I dont know what he said to convince the studio to fund a "big budget" film.

  23. Having only seen this film of his, i see where you are coming from. Upvote for a (presumably) controversial comment

  24. I did not enjoy the Northman. Trailer was very misleading as to what kind of movie it was going to be.

  25. A third of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make

  26. This sounds like quote outta doctor Strangelove lol

  27. Your boos mean nothing, I've seen what makes you cheer

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