1. “No one wants to see a nuclear state falling into civil war or just collapsing like a flan in a cupboard.”

  2. Some types need complex regular maintenance to keep their yields high, others not so much.

  3. They have measures in place to make sure the chain of command follows the orders, that is quite certain, but maybe not absolute.

  4. Let's hope France can rise to the occasion, who knows where this will end, if it's not sorted soon.

  5. These are rules which any man of any faith can embrace!

  6. No faith required to embrace these principles, they are simply logical if you think through the consequences of these actions.

  7. I prefer facts. In the absence of facts, I prefer reason. Faith has its place & purpose, I'm ok with using it appropriately.

  8. "Separately Gerasimov told British counterparts that Russia had achieved conventional military parity with the US."

  9. The Zulus didn't have guns aimed at the back of their heads and shot if they retreat or fail to advance. Russians have a different fighting spirit, shitty, but effective enough.

  10. Anything radioactive is scary, and a weak country like Russia has to rely upon scare tactics because it’s really all they have. They are undoubtedly a terrorist state as that’s the definition of terrorism.

  11. You do know the entire planet earth is radioactive ? If it wasn't, there would be no life on earth, radioactive decay helps keep the planet warm enough to support life.

  12. Russia is a major source of enriched uranium needed for nuclear power, it will take a long time to create other sources.

  13. What a sad picture, some fucking schmuck given tampons dead in the middle of fucking nowhere, frozen as you said

  14. Centralize too much power in the hands of one man, what could go wrong...

  15. About "ordinary Russian people", just found this hilarious commercial break in a propaganda show:

  16. Thanks, gave me a laugh. Having grown up in Christianity, I know the utter rubbish people will believe, if a priest tells them. While its hilarious to us, to them it's taken seriously. Unfortunately it can take years, if ever, to penetrate their conditioning, they have a vast multi-layer defense embedded in their thinking, that they believe is protecting them from evil. Its sad really, imagine what humanity could achieve, without all these shitheads messing with peoples minds.

  17. I know what you’re talking about: when I was in Cambodia and went to visit killing fields I was wondering, how many people actually were there killing others for Khmer Rouge. Like: is my tuktuk a murderer? He is at about right age and since he survived, he either was a victim and got lucky or he was a perpetrator. Like, there was no other way.

  18. I can imagine that would mess with your head, but if you go back far enough, all our ancestors did all manner of things, some of them horrendous. I can understand if someone has a gun to your head, or messed with your mind, but some people take pleasure in hurting others.

  19. Justifiably so, as it will be the bastion, a Nato fortress to keep away the forces of evil lurking in its borders from all of Europe.

  20. Ah, you're talking about the murder/assassination(?) of negotiator Denys Kireyev. He had been with an Ukrainian delegation to Belarus to discuss peace talks with Russia. Later there were accusations of treason as well as assertions he was tasked to feed bad intel to Russia.

  21. Thanks, I couldn't recall the details. I would not criticise Ukraine, even if he was executed in those early days. It was chaotic and desperate times.

  22. it's tough to criticize if you don't know for what reasons. All we can say is that his family is out a husband and father. And that no one is saying exactly why. If Ukraine recognizes him as a fallen hero, it should be assumed that he was probably felled for the wrong reasons.

  23. Saudis production completely sets the world price for oil, and any disruption blows the price in to the stratosphere. I see no difference. It isnt any different. The US has the 4th largest amount of lithium in the world we just don't mine it. Obviously that will change. Top 3 largest deposits are in the Americas.

  24. Environmental regulations makes it very hard to mine & refine in the west. So, it gets done with much less regulation in China. We just moved the environmental damage somewhere else, patted ourselves on the back and made another energy security problem as a bonus.

  25. Cars aren't going to go away. It just isn't going to happen. People aren't going to go away, we keep making billions. What's your solution?

  26. I dont think there is good solution yet. I think the solution for now, is doing lots of things better. Its not like EV's solve climate change or are zero CO2. I doubt we can make enough batteries fast enough to meet climate targets, but we should try. I'd fast track massive nuclear, let solar wind tick along and invest in R&D. Using Nuclear to produce ammonia can also power cars, not perfect, but better and can convert existing vehicles rather than build so many new ones. Improve rail dramatically. I'd phase out ICE motorsport as it encourages unnecessary waste. Curtail fashion industry which is a significant contributor and very wasteful. Encourage repair vs replace. Encourage green concrete. Encourage work from home. And, that's before breakfast :)

  27. Sad that women feel the need to go to this level to feel safe, but completely respect their choice. I'm planning a vasectomy soon, because I don't want any unplanned children while a partner does. Life has taught me you can't trust women any more than men.

  28. I never said he doesn’t drop a gem from time to time. Like any effective troll. He’s also funny in a Rodney dangerfield kind of way. But the fact that people follow this man is damn scary. Like how many thousands died because they followed trump’s lead on Covid? Thousands. And how many would be cool with Ukraine getting wiped off the face of the earth because trump said so? Probably millions.

  29. Lol, yes, Rodney Dangerfield is indeed a fair parallel. I don't think many trump followers would be cool with Ukraine being wiped off the map, except some of the russian ones. Shouldn't judge an entire group by a few loud-mouthed individuals, if we did, Democrats would look just as crazy.

  30. Also it’s great that republicans and dems agree on helping Ukraine. I’ll keep that in mind. Is it weird to you that you support Ukraine AND trump while trump doesn’t support Ukraine? Those two things really don’t go together and I can easily imagine that Ukraine would’ve already been erased by now if he had won 2020.

  31. It's funny you say I support Trump. I'm just not a binary thinker, or supporter. Nobody is 100% right or 100% wrong on everything, I believe I can learn something from even the dumbest person on the planet. Nobody knows what Trump would have done or how the Russians would act if he was president. People makes all kinds of claims based on practically nothing. I'm much happier with Biden administration managing the Ukraine issue, I think they've done very well. Even though Biden has trouble remembering things, he compensates well by having a fair number of good people supporting him. However, I find it sad that USA politics said this is the best we can do for a president, it's not a great look, though Biden comes across as a very nice man. The orange man, not so much. Why can't the USA find a Zelensky grade president ?

  32. Definitely, tiredness can cause big mistakes, hopefully he gets a well earned respite.

  33. One of the arms packages announced included several hundred excalibur rounds. I wonder if there are still "several hundred" targets worth the cost of these rounds. It night be a signal that the end is near.

  34. That one didn't seem to do much except give them a fright.

  35. 2005 is still ancient, 3G was very new back then, now it's legacy/obsolete.

  36. I'm close enough to this issue to know, that if russia gets organised and gives it priority, they can potentially do this. Rules change with a war on, all sorts of bodgy things can be done, that are good enough to get the job done, but would not be allowed during normal times. Milspec chips can be substituted with industrial grade, for one. Today's industrial grade was yesterday's milspec. Circuit redesign & component substitution to workaround supply chain issues, is standard (but costly) practice. Wartime has a long history of accellerated development & manufacturing. One truckload of chips can make a huge number of missiles. Potential is one thing, reality is another. You can get tripped up over quite low tech issues that weren't expected, yet take time & resources to solve. There's a lot of variables at play and not even the Russians themselves would be on top of all the details. Then there's corruption, plus a lot of their best & brightest have escaped, some conscripted and now dead. Partisan/SBU ops. I would also bet many of the very people they need to solve problems are smart enough to know this war is really wrong and maybe smart enough to get away with less than great results. Nobody really knows. I'd guess the outcome will be something a lot less than their potential, but still a big problem for Ukraine and the west. We should not simply assume russia is fucked, but make certain that's what happens.

  37. Operating these anti-air weapons is a hell of a job. Success means saving civilian lives. 47/55 is a great job! Let's hope 100% will be achieved soon.

  38. The Patriots will take care of some, but the Kinzhal has been called unstoppable.

  39. By whom exactly? Russians? I'll take a bet on western systems to handle that

  40. Up to Mach 10 and supposedly can change course mid flight to evade air defence. Russia is possibly overstating its abilities, but it's early days. Hopefully they can be shot down reliably, we'll have wait and see.

  41. That came later, earlier he was against it, which is when he needed to be building the capability to achieve a successful invasion. Then he didn't think he needed to invade, that he could negotiate, by the time he changed strategy and decided to invade, it was too late to build sufficient capability and the RAF et al gave em a caning, so they called it off. His early strategic error cost him the war. If he'd taken UK, it would have made it much, much harder for the allies.

  42. He didn't have the chance though, they needed total air supremacy before even attempting an invasion. That probably would have failed as well. Not a good comparison.

  43. True, but strategically, he wasn't wanting to invade Britain, so didn't have sufficient air force to do it.

  44. Medicare data? So no increase in psychosis diagnoses in those who are 65 or older. That doesn't sound like the population of clinical interest. I would think legalization would be impacting 20-40 year olds the most.

  45. You'd be surprised how many over 65s smoke pot daily. They don't have to worry about getting drug tested at work for one.

  46. Which is something we can do in the first place.

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