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  1. She: just hanging out with my bf. I'm sorry you haven't found the right person yet but you will.

  2. The video was about the thin blue line flag. Context matters.

  3. He specifically said the American flag. His exact words matter.

  4. Okay, bud. Context doesn't matter. Got it.

  5. It is amazing to watch you pretend context is more important than actual words but you do you.

  6. While I understand your sentiment, I have no value for the words or opinions of those that exhibit such behavior. Their, in the context of your statement, 'opinion' is usually little more than projection, and none of my business. The only people that can affect my emotional control, are those whose opinions or thoughts I value. My family, close friends, very few coworkers. Outside of that, I do not care, and I do not waste my time.

  7. Ten Years ago, I was in a completely different career, but I wouldn't care anyway. If an employer wants to take action on something that was said, that is that old - I probably would have no desire to work there. ( there are laws surrounding this, and that is what attorneys are for anyway ).

  8. This sounds like a good setup for a divorce. Please do not marry this person. Don’t fall for the sunk cost fallacy. If you’re doing everything you can to breathe life and love into the relationship and he doesn’t give a shit, it’s time to break up and move on. He no longer appreciates you and completely takes you for granted.

  9. OP please listen to this person. A wedding ring will not fix this.

  10. Edit: The following is a "conspiracy theory" 🙄 rant. It will contain wild and extreme notions. If you can't handle that skip this shit and fuck off. Someone asked me a question and I'm giving my intuition and insight. I'm not here to argue with anyone and I don't give a fuck about what you think. Peace.

  11. Are you familiar with ethical nonmonogamy (ENM)? It's allowed me to do exactly what you're describing. I had a high school girlfriend and then met my wife. Been married almost thirty years and dating others is just a routine part of our marriage now and it's wonderful. We have the love and stability of a strong and healthy marriage and family but also get to experience the thrill of new people. Those telling you that you can have all those experiences with your current spouse are wrong and ENM has made our marriage stronger because neither of us have to wonder about having sex with someone else.

  12. My kid just watched this nature show. Two bald eagles in a nest would fight for food. The stronger one got all the food and during a hard fishing season the weaker one starved. Then they straight up ATE THE DEAD BABY!

  13. They will never stop trying to find a way to take away people's gun rights

  14. It's going to take a constitutional amendment or the Democrats doing what they do best, changing the rules of the game by packing the Supreme Court and pulling some nonsense. They know what the plain language interpretation of 2A is so they can only rely on nonsense

  15. There will be another Randy Weaver. People will only take so much before they are willing to lose everything. Some direct it inward in the form of self harm. Others direct it outward.

  16. That seems completely contrived. This is demonstrating the opposite.

  17. It is a stereotype based in reality. The opportunities to swim for people in poverty and northern cities are few and far between.

  18. Why the snark? My post wasn't rude, you didn't know something, so what

  19. I want to hate this sandwich but it looks so damn good. What kind of gravy


  21. Ty when I did a search all I got with that name was in PA.

  22. Does Uber operate in Hudson? I live in Catskill, and there is no such thing as Uber or Lyft in this area as far as I know.

  23. Lol install the app, you've already tried asking Reddit and as best as I can tell haven't gotten an answer.

  24. Love the ecology going towards Lone and Rocky, lots of those ancient rugged birches that are oh so characteristic of the hardwood peaks. Maybe I’ll see you on the trail!

  25. If you get the chance to revisit I highly reccomend it! Doing a repeat of peekamoose to rocky soon for that same reason.

  26. I'm working on my winter 35 and since I've done those in the winter I won't repeat them until after I get the winter patch but Rock and Peekamoose are on the still need to do list now I'm looking forward to it, maybe I'll do them first.

  27. So I get this order - yeah it’s a lot but money is good and it was 5 miles!

  28. you need to call APS. I understand your hesitancy and you're a good person, but he's a human being and needs help.

  29. Republican COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy caused the Y2K problem and Japanese tsunami, as well.

  30. Thank you, it's reassuring knowing I'm not the only with this point of view.

  31. All of this is because Musk will not censor non-leftists. This is amazing to watch in real time.

  32. If both people are not enthusiastic about the idea, I think it does not end well. Research it and be sure it’s something both of you really really want.

  33. Check to see if you can find a farmers market. That's far and away your best bet

  34. In 1684, the Welsh discovered that using a sheep's intestine was an effective method to prevent pregnancy.

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