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Leaving Your Husky In Your Car Windows Up in the Blistering Vegas Heat

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  1. I dropped the story then as well, it just made him useless and how tf are we supposed to be invested in him when he’s useless

  2. Both can be viable as long as you connect your snowballs. Tank and AP are two completely different play styles though, with AP you are basically a kamikaze hopping to pop hourglass or your ult right after your ball connects. Tank is just stunning people tbh. Imo AP is just objectively better against most comps if you can target the right ppl. But if they got an Olaf, trynd, or mord you’re fucked no matter what ya build

  3. Deep water, not only can you drown but when you go deep enough you can’t see anything at all. Also every creature around you evolved to navigate and survive in that environment. Deep water is the most terrifying thing I can think of

  4. Idk about the weirdest but the most chill sub is

  5. A replica of the boat they believe to have survived the greatest rainfall and flood ever, to be exact.

  6. A replica of the boat built by modern means with perfect precision, AKA a better boat than the supposed ark could’ve ever been

  7. I think they are in a chamber where pluton is and there's no way out of there. Until someone opens the borders and pluton comes out.

  8. Lowkey can see that happening, wouldn’t be the craziest most out of left field thing we’ve seen over the last year

  9. In my head this was satire until I got to the “Being part of a community” section, this is officially in the top 5 of most insanely weird racist pieces of art I’ve ever seen. Mf is talking about ethnostates and “low iq races”, whoever drew this is straight outta 4chan

  10. It’s not like we the average citizens have the power to give it back, we also never stole the islands. The US gov did

  11. ngl I used to watch that guys channel, but then it came out that he was just ripping other ppls videos and thumbnails hella often

  12. Until a mod goes on Fox News and talks about how much they like having intercourse with automobiles.

  13. Lock him in the car for 24 hours. Windows up, in the sun. Take the dog away from him.

  14. I’m now imagining the arborist as guts from berserk but instead of a sword he’s carrying a bag of big ass tree seeds. His arms so beefy that he doesn’t even need a shovel. The master arborist just throws the seed into ground with excessive force, planted perfectly.

  15. Execs are gambling that everything will collapse in the next few years so they're hitting the accelerator and scraping as much cash as they can before it does, which of course will only make it happen faster.

  16. I still don’t get the point of that though, if everything collapses then what the point of having all that money

  17. so they can get even more disgustingly rich during and shortly after the recession

  18. I guess I should’ve expected that, just blows my mind that this level of wealth hoarding is allowed when there are homeless people and hungry children. We are all fucked

  19. Nah mans got that multiple personality disorder

  20. Wano has been going for so long that I literally went to college and graduated and it’s still going.

  21. Because what god totally loves more is the massive wealth hoarding his most affluent followers partake in since they most definitely got all of that money through ethical legal morally correct means!

  22. Dice The story used to be good sinc it's an interesting premise Then it all went fking downhill Shame good (used to) story too

  23. Yep that’s it! Used to love this series but I dropped it in like 2016, it’s complete now afaik so I might binge it all one day

  24. That's the problem with big long running original webtoon titles (Not including novel adaptations) Since the profit that the authors get is from per chapter and the views/hearts count. They tend to stretch out the story with convoluted arcs and unnecessary storylines.

  25. Sounds like we read the same type of stories lmao, GoH and The Gamer were a fun read. I wish there was a better way to incentivize good stories in the manhwa/webtoon format but tbh I don’t think there is one. I just checked Kubera and it’s now at 531 chapters still ongoing, like 5 years ago I dropped it cause the goal kept being changed and the author dragged everything out and kept making the characters get in danger so they had to keep saving each other or getting back stolen items. It’s sad cause you can tell an amazing story in less than 100 chapters but as you said the monetization needs to change

  26. I live in a place like these but in TX, parents retired and I still live at home since I’m in school. It’s a 55 and up community to own the house. I don’t use any of the facilities here like the pool, golf course, or shooting range though. It’s just infested with old white ppl that have nothing better to do than complain.(side note I fr have only seen like 6 non white residents and there are 200 houses in this CC).

  27. Good things/Fun things/Treating others with respect = Bad apparently

  28. Shit like that is super common in the tech field, imo getting small/medium contracts on upwork is a much more stress free way to work in tech if you don’t mind an inconsistent pay

  29. I think it’s ok to be surprised when you hear a large number like that because most ppl are no where near those numbers , but you shouldn’t look at them as lesser because of that. I’d argue that it’s better for your partner to be experienced because you are gonna have a wayyy better time. I never understood the whole concept of “purity” when it comes to sex, sounds wack

  30. My Jesus wasn't above flipping tables and calling people out on bullshit. He was the real G to the big G himself.

  31. I’m now imagining situations in which crip Jesus exists and he’s in the back seat of a 4 door sedan, gripping an uzi before they spin the block

  32. Idk who to contact for this one lmao, I just cast a wide net

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