1. I'm not sure the situation on tips. Just skimming thru the rules I didn't see anything that prevents it. I'm almost positive Strawberry Fields Dayton took tips at some point too. It's definitely not expected though and shouldn't be IMO. The funny thing is I do think there's a rule about caregivers taking tips. I think they can for gas, time, etc. But by how the rule is worded I don't think a tip is covered but it's kind of vague.

  2. Reimbursement of spent funds in the course of providing a service is not the same as receiving a tip. A reimbursement example would be money for gas used do deliver the medication.

  3. It's really about preference. You can get the same oil in both the carts and pods. I think the pods hit a little better/harder because bigger airway and coil I believe. The carts seem to go a little further though. Some people swear the pods clog or leak worse but others say the 510s do. They both work great IMO

  4. I second this. I feel like pods are gone before you know it, but the carts are a bit longer and easier to find in 1000mg. I really didn’t notice any taste difference.

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