1. You can tell this post is bringing out the vegans. I try to eat higher welfare meat when I can, but just last week I bought 3 chicken breasts from the butcher and it cost over £10, that's just too much when I can buy twice that less at Aldi.

  2. I don't care how many times I have to repeat this: We're not even at 1.5c yet. Welcome to the new norm dumbfucks.

  3. Hope is for the naive and weak. It's just another form of denial.

  4. This just further confirms my suspicions that it's over for us come the 2030s.

  5. People have been having kids in much worse circumstances that we are facing right now.

  6. I for one think of life as a relay race that started with the first cell that divided. That chain of life giving life to life is unbroken through hundreds of millions of years of our ancestors. My parents passed the baton to me, and I'll pass it on to the next generation. Their portion may be much more strenuous than ours, but that doesn't mean I should forfeit their opportunity to run. After all, if we keep it up it might lead someplace better on a long enough timescale, and our part isn't even that hard in the grand scheme of things.

  7. Atmospheric pollution, El Niño/la Nina, and the restarting of sun storm activity has made a rapid heating effect. This is only the beginning of a 12-20 year cycle that up until now has kept temperatures artificially lower than they could have been. At any rate the jet stream and ocean temps are intricately related. As the temps rise, presumably the jet stream acts different, resulting in an exaggerated El Niño effect. It’s simply a harbinger for things to come but worse than we see today. I think those sensors deployed were measuring the extent of that effect. Just a pet theory of mine, I hope I’m wrong. I was right about covid about two months before it was common knowledge so… :(

  8. How long do you think we have until SHTF in the UK/US?

  9. Having more than two children in this day and age is incredibly short-sighted and reckless unless you are very wealthy. I have zero sympathy. ZERO.

  10. I knew before opening the article that she'd have at least 3 kids. Having 4 kids is reckless and irresponsible. Most people, unless very wealthy can't afford to give FOUR children a good quality of life. I'm on an energy saving group on facebook and it is FULL of women with 3/4/5 kids on pre-payment meters complaining that they have no gas/electricity as they can't afford to top-up the meter. I'm sure having another child would help the situation. I only feel sorry for the kids of these reckless, irresponsible idiots that bring them into a life of poverty, hardship, suffering and poor opportunities. People need to take some responsibility for the CHOICES they make and that includes the number of kids they CHOOSE to have. Poor kids.

  11. Sadly I don't think most of this will help. The fundamental issue is a huge supply shortage. People get fixated on the house price, but that's not the important figure for most people. It's the monthly repayment cost. Raising interest rates balloon this, so the amount you can afford to borrow goes down as does house prices. You still can't afford to buy them though as the monthly mortgage payments are now so much higher. When people say house prices are X times earnings now and were y times earnings before, it's kinda meaningless without the interest rates. What they should be comparing is monthly mortgage payments. I'm certain though that the figures are still grim for people now when compared to the past.

  12. The real problem isn't a lack of supply, it's overpopulation.

  13. Shouldn't you fuck your animals as you say you're an animal lover?

  14. Unsurprisingly at current wages and mortgage rates. It’s massively out of balance unless you already have years of saving (as a couple if you’re lucky enough), or if mummy and daddy help you out.

  15. What's wrong with parents wanting to help their kids out with buying a home? You make out that it's a bad thing.

  16. I get it, I'm in the same boat. On the fringes of society all my life, on the outside looking in. Society and humans in general make me sick.

  17. i love how society is descending further and further into madness. sooner or later, we will all be killing each other.

  18. Yes. My local Aldi is getting far too busy for my liking.

  19. I had the opposite motive. I grew up with an anxiously depressed mother and a schizotypal father, both of whom had poor character traits, and became determined to destroy their poor upbringing by raising my own children properly. It hasn’t been as easy as I hoped, unfortunately, but at least I can say that I’m taking far more deliberate and concerned measures to raise mine right.

  20. Genetics isn’t destiny any more than estrogen is bitchiness or testosterone is aggressive violence.

  21. You could say the same about environment. Genetics is always overlooked and underplayed. I think it's just as important as environment. 50/50.

  22. Problem is the brits crumbling at a faster rate right now. I keep forgetting it's summer there because they are all complaining about record power and gas bills. Heaven knows what it will be like for them in Winter.

  23. Plus, not everyone 'has kids when they are poor'. You can be reasonably well off and have kids you can afford, then end up in a situation where you are poor, subsequently. I had my kids' dad leave, I couldn't work because there was no childcare that I could afford for my three pre-school children. My five kids were born when we could very well afford them, but, y'know, circumstances...

  24. Unless you are wealthy, having 5 children is incredibly reckless and short-sighted anyway.

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