1. So he is triangulating either fake or real interactions with other women as means to chip away at your self worth. Manipulators do this as means of control and to “test” to see what you will put up with. It is very likely these tactics do not work on women his own age which is likely why he is doing it on you. You deserve better respect and agree with others, it will only get worse as you both age. Do you want to spend the rest of your twenties feeling this way or do you want to go out a live life & enjoy like you should in your 20s?

  2. Not just vegan, but also don't mix fruits and vegetables or snack at all. There are tons of other rules. Living in the city is not allowed, either. If you do it you will be lost during the persecution.

  3. That’s very interesting given that people become more compliant when they are starving…which disordered eating is a tactic for controlling people.

  4. Where are you moving from and what sparked your interest in Texas?

  5. So many OBGYN providers have left the state, leaving a huge need for providers…the patient to physician ratio alone is dangerous, especially for POC (historically have had worse care in TX). This has started to trickle to family and general practitioners as well. It’s not just death pregnant people are risking and the state is wagering on, but overall heath as well. They may not die but may become infertile/deal with massive healthcare bills to get delayed medical intervention that leaves them with lifelong health complications. Also, this is starting to directly impact fertility treatments such as IVF and surrogacy for both cis hetero and LGBTQ+ people wanting to start a family. We had our treatments and ability to test embryos outside of the womb but the law being so ambiguous, means genetic testing to help determine viable and live births may soon be restricted or banned as a result of how the vague law is interpreted. Many women who are conservative that I know who had “miscarriages” that were in truth induced labor for major complications knowing it would not end in a live birth would no longer have access to that care until the state deems a fetus as dead, not what medial providers will deem as unviable and threatening to a carrier’s health.

  6. He’s wanting to cause drama to feel something….then likely gaslight the shit out of you for “acting crazy” if you act the way he thinks you should. You see him as a whole human being with social needs outside of the relationship, which is how you likely want to be treated. This turn to wishing you had an unhealthy attachment and then emotionally punishing you by stonewalling you to elicit the reaction he wants from you is so manipulative and bullshit for a grown ass man to be doing. He wants drama not a healthy way of feeling love

  7. His “need” for sex trumps your autonomy and trauma based in his actions. He does not care for your boundaries, only his pleasure. You would likely enjoy sex more given someone who can just hold you and care for your emotional well being, but pouting is manipulative. He can feel disappointed but he is not a great lover if he cannot take the time to think what he is doing is retraumatuzing to you. Like every time he does the same thing as your abusers do, your body is being put back into flight/fight/freeze mode (I’m guessing you are freezing as a trauma response and “going along”). He does not seem to care about enthusiastic consent and that is highly concerning given what you have shared about your consent in the past being violated and him doing the exact same thing as your abusers. I’m guessing you may have been feeling out of sort’s because your body is remembering the trauma and cannot discern between a “loving relationship” (a true loving relationship would not pressure you for sex in this immature and manipulative way) and being sexually assaulted. Pushing your feelings down that your nervous system is trying to alert you that this is not ok/trying to protect you is likely contributing to your depression and feeling out of it. Once again, likely feelings of being numb/disinterested in sex is a freeze response to feeling threatened. You have expressed your trauma and he is still violating your boundaries. Please talk to someone in your life you trust outside of the relationship, he needs to leave.

  8. Numbers are just made up play things to MTG…like the number of COVID deaths or children dying from fire arms being vastly higher than any child having sexual change surgery

  9. YTA…so you have a gender non conforming sister and a tux is the hill you are going to die on? That’s one way to lose a sister by submitting to your future in laws comfort versus accepting your sister for who they are

  10. Brent Spiner. You wouldn't know until you spent some time lurking there bc he's not popular and the circle surrounding him is fairly small compared to these other names. Ime He's a narcissist and his fans are toxic enablers/flying monkeys. He courts the attention of select women behind closed doors and is emotionally/mentally abusive. If you have any negative experience with the guy and say anything about it, you're instantly ostracized and publicly mocked by those who are delusional about his character, all bc they're desperate to get their tweets liked by him and belong to a friend group online (they seem like outcasts in real life). He interacts with people to get attention and it severely fucks with their heads, leading to jealousy and bullying that is anything but normal as they clamour to be his favorite and defender.

  11. Spinerfemmes are notoriously apologetic for shitty behavior

  12. The medical procedure when a woman miscarries (whether the fetus didn’t develop properly or is stillborn) is the exact same medicine/process as an abortion…OBGYNs get trained to do these processes correctly by learn abortion care. When we ban abortion, we ban doctors learning adequate care for women who miscarry. A fetus could not have developed a brain but as long as there is electrical activity of a “heartbeat” a woman in TX cannot receive the miscarriage care she needs. She risks sepsis that endangers her future fertility and life. Just because you are willfully ignorant to what people who have gone through probably in your life (statistically you know someone who has had abortion/miscarriage care) doesn’t mean this issue is as black and white as life/death…if you had any doctor not ever given you a 100% clear diagnosis than surely you can imagine the same thing being applied to women with complications in their pregnancy

  13. False. Sepsis can occur when infection grows in the womb AFTER the baby is dead. It can also occur after a surgical or medical abortion. Providing a d&c to remove it from the womb is not an abortion because, as previously stated, the child is lifeless at that point. Bringing up sepsis seems to indicate that there are indeed risks associated with abortions. The same procedure is used to remove cysts in the same way. Doctors are allowed to provide miscarriage care once the miscarriage actually occurs.

  14. Not so, the law states heart activity is the sign of “life” even if the fetus is not viable outside of the womb in instances such as when major organs like a brain are missing (see recent Louisiana case). In that case the woman was risking sepsis because the fetus wasn’t viable, the tissue started to break down but still has electrical activity/“heartbeat” and prohibited by the law to seek care. Many of these situations happen when women cannot be induced until the state agrees the fetus is normally able to live outside of the womb (EVEN in instances where there is a fetal anomaly as the way the TX law is written). So they either have to wait until the body catches up and aborts naturally or whenever the state, not her doctor, says she can be induced. During that time is when sepsis can occur….the only instance they allow for is when a woman’s life is at risk but there is such vague language that doctors have to wait until a patient starts to code before the hospital and state lawyers allow for life or health saving care can happen. Women are far more likely to develop sepsis due to delayed miscarriage care or actual childbirth than receiving adequate abortion care. 1 in 1000 women get sepsis from abortion compared to the 3 in 100 that get it from miscarriage. The medicine/procedure is the same treatment and requires the same medication…the state defines life beginning at conception NOT implantation and not when they are born, they take zero account of whether or not a fetus is viable outside of the womb due to medical complications/abnormalities. OBGYNs in this state have been saying this is problematic and are seeing more sepsis and more complications in their patients and are warning that as the law stands, it will only get worse. We already have a shortage in that area of medicine and as they face vague legal definitions that directly violate their ability to treat their breathing patients, they are leaving practices in TX. I get that it won’t make a difference to you unless someone you care about has this happen to them. What you understand to be a miscarriage will actually be considered an abortion and they will not be able to get adequate care. I hope at that point, you will listen to professionals and women’s experiences to finally be understand why women and practitioners from all sides of the political spectrum already know…abortion care is medical care and politicians should not interfere in those decisions

  15. Tan lining, adds depth and you can see the lace so much better in photos

  16. Just subtly mention Skinwalker Ranch in your profile and your match will come. Worked for my fiancé!

  17. At what point is hospital/medical staff is legally allowed to separate the child from the parent to make sure the kid is safe?

  18. People were threatening to leave because of his antics and when you have less people on the platform, your reach reduces. This isn’t hard…it’s hubris not accepting reality

  19. They won't spend the money to give their staff training for dealing with the mental health issues they have to deal with every day - which would include the ones that lead to school shootings -, but they'll spend the money to give them all guns and theoretically to deal with a school shooter.

  20. Hell, they barely care about the teacher’s own mental health so let’s arm a bunch of stressed over worked teachers who don’t have the resources to do the emotional work needed to address what kids need for mental health let alone their own.

  21. Firearms sole purpose is not to take a life. Get that thought out of your head.

  22. The threat of lethality is not its sole purpose either.

  23. I don't understand this at all, weddings don't exist in a vacuum, people have life milestones that other people will acknowledge. Even if you didn't get engaged before, people will likely be asking you "when is it your turn?"'s not like you are asking to use the wedding as the proposal as we've seen so many times on social media. 2 months doesn't feel close at all in the grand scheme of things.

  24. YTA - she’s doing it the smart way and is how women are usually coached because they have been walked over. She wants a company to value her as an employee and sounds like she has a good system. Most people I know in that industry interview a ton before finding a job because they are in high demand AND she gets to be picky…it’s HER career, her money and she is taking it seriously. Most men do this, so why shouldn’t she? She also gasp may negotiate a higher salary so she starts at the same or higher pay grade as her male counterparts and switch jobs every few years to get better compensation. These are par for the course and I would be curious as to why you feel like minimizing her effort. I’m also curious as to what do you do

  25. YTA - she has a child with this man and you want to flex “your rules” over valuing any relationship…no wonder no relationship never formed. You value “being right” over authentic connection

  26. Chili, pozole, and a few hearty soups would be awesome

  27. Is he old enough to be there without his parents? I don't think he's 21 yet, is he? By Texas law, he can't be in a bar without a parent or other guardian, and they both have IDs with the same last name (tabc doesn't care about parents that remarry). If he touches a single dollar bill, orders his own drinks, or takes a sip of a drink if his parents go to that bathroom or something, that's against the law.

  28. Imagine trying to get a set in and you have to deal with this shit. This is why women only gyms are appealing, sometimes we just wanna work out

  29. Hell, Houston is three hours from Houston. I think it’s hard to understand the scale of how spread out the cities and Texas is overall until you experience it.

  30. If education is an issue, you could look into coming on an F1 visa and start at the community college level (cheaper than going to a 4 year university and you can transfer credits if you decide to continue). Many community colleges have certificate programs that accompany their degree programs. Most cities have community college systems, so get to know each of the major metro areas. Houston is huge, has three community colleges in the immediate city, while the population is large, it’s spread out. Austin is our major tech hub and they have a stellar community college system along with a lot of history, closer to places to hike/camp. San Antonio is such a friendly and easy city to navigate/doesn’t have as much traffic as Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

  31. The "free cup of coffee" doesn't work from their rewards either. Since the new update, I have not been able to successfully redeem ANY rewards, so I would never trust any of their offers with my money if they can't figure out how to fulfill the bare minimum. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a class action suit in the next few years because of their failure to fulfill their promise on these "rewards".

  32. Oh you mean you get a "free" perk like Starbucks stars or things to use in PokemonGo and then when you redeem, the codes are not valid? That's the only change I've seen from when they did the gift cards. It's been so frustrating and zero way to report that you cannot claim these rewards. So much for loyalty.

  33. Guess what, it's YOUR wedding, the time you get to be a little selfish. I could not imagine dealing with the stress and hassle of both hosting a wedding AND being in med school at the same time. It's as if they don't understand how scheduling for med school works where you don't always have the luxury of getting the shifts/time off you want. "We understand if you can't make it, you will be missed" - this is what your parents who invited them should say because I'm guessing if you had it your way, you would likely not invite them in the first place.

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