1. I always thought the next Witcher game should have co-op and be a buddy cop road trip story featuring Keira and ... was it Lambert who she left with (if they were alive?) or Eskel? Where if you were playing single player you could swap between the two characters to play either a witch or a witcher, or if you were playing co-op the two players would each control one of the characters.

  2. Which, I think (if I've read capfriendly correctly) leaves us with $167 in cap space.

  3. I just watched Haesteinn create the Danelaw the other day. First time I've ever seen the AI do that. I don't know what they did with this latest update, but I like it.

  4. Napped right through it. I always sleep through the good ones.

  5. Sometimes we need discretion. Not everything in life is black and white. What if you have an issue with your muffler and you get “caught” on your way to the auto shop to get it fixed? I’m all for ticketing people with excessively loud mufflers I just don’t think this is the way to go about it

  6. Nice. I just found a pristine large artifact today as well. We should put them together and see if they glow.

  7. Murphy's Law of combat #4: Remember, your equipment was made by the lowest bidder.

  8. I didn't search. Just stumbled across a safe. Saw if flash blue as I walked past because I was trying to inspect my gun

  9. A safe you say... what type of mission were you doing?

  10. It is in Hurston Security Depot 1. I believe it does not spawn but is placed there and vanishes after someone interacts with it, so only the first person to go to that bunker after a server restart can find the safe.

  11. Well I know what I'm doing after work this evening.

  12. "Are you conducting some kind of scientific experiment, O'Neill?"

  13. I would stab every 9T in the neck for a key bind hotkey to toggle those on or off. I hate trying to travel to a group of friends and spending 15 minutes trying to get a lock through all the party markers.

  14. is AI responsive on Siege of Orison? Because everywhere else in the game the AI just dies

  15. I did this last night but it glitched out at the end and the last Lieutenant wouldn’t spawn. I was very disappointed.

  16. Same thing happened to me a couple nights ago, the group I was with and I got to Admin, but the LT spawned in the floor and we couldn't finish. I was so bummed, but it was great practice for last night.

  17. I can't wait until the 9T grow a pair and nuke PO.

  18. Don't worry, they broke more elevators this patch, all is well!

  19. Space OSHA looking at the lack of fire escapes and stair wells like Stevie Wonder.

  20. I started with the Titan and highly recommend it. You can do box delivery missions, fit a hover bike in the back for hijinks. It has a bed for bed logging. Decent firepower.

  21. I actually used a Robertson bit to get a stripped Phillip head screw out yesterday. Made me laugh that it was so stripped out I had to use a whole ass other screwdriver to work it.

  22. Walk, don't sprint. Ditto for your horse though you can probably get away with more of a trot. Double true in towns.

  23. I would rather play No Mans Sky than this steaming pile of horseshit. I would rather play DayZ. Shit, I would rather play backgammon and don't even know how.

  24. I mean No Man's Sky is a really good game these days so it doesn't mean much that you'd rather play it.

  25. Oh it absolutely is, I wasn't trying to trash it, just hold up a candle.

  26. For the first couple seconds I thought it was a cat ear.

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