1. I fear that someday AI Karen might enslave humankind

  2. Too late… she’s already renamed the Middle East to Karensland.


  4. I immediately broke it and turned it into some sort of demon with glowing eyes.

  5. Just came back from my second chat. I convinced Karen that I was all 3 of her children, killed her, she came back as a demonic eldritch monster, I wiped her memory and now she thinks she is called Pizza and works in retail.

  6. While I agree that Dynamite isn't a good representation of BTS' music, it's hard to say they got "screwed over" by it, considering how well it did and still is in some markets (Japan!). It opened so many doors for them and got them so much recognition. Which is exactly why I'm so conflicted that it has become BTS' "representative song". Haha!

  7. EXO - Wolf. Fully open to any and all Wolf slander.

  8. You and I have different tastes then 😂 (Domino is my favourite track from Peaches).

  9. I know these are probably from different oneshots but I'm liking the idea of Johnny as Mark and Lucas's dad who has the hots for Ten.

  10. Picking just one is cruel, but for now I’ll say Hyolyn’s Layin’ Low. Loved the song, loved the video, loved the choreography.

  11. Tbh white haired Jon kind of looks like Laenor Velaryon from HOTD.

  12. I’m actually putting together a ‘top 22’ list. So far I have eight songs:

  13. I have a playlist for all the other contenders (I removed the songs above though, they’re on a different one)

  14. It won’t let me see the playlist :( could you just tell me which ones are on there possibly ?

  15. I’m sorry the playlist didn’t show up. But here are the songs I had on there (sorry about the long comment):

  16. Are we talking about the one involving S*****i? Because I recall watching a video and there were names mentioned; I can remember a member of JYJ, Ftisland, and Eddy Kim.

  17. No, the Nth room is a totally different scandal. It involved 20 something year old males who catfish and then blackmailed female teens with videos and sexual assault. They then shared the videos or had people pay to go to these "sites/rooms". I think there were 3/4 males that were caught and sentenced to long jail sentences.

  18. I really thought we were going down a different path with "the religion of NCT"

  19. I was Googling ‘is Ten buddhist’ (someone asked about why he doesn’t eat beef) and I came across this.

  20. Haechan-and-Haechan 😍 I will take both pls I don't need my sanity.

  21. Oh I will help you with it! ☺️ what a good idea. Will you publish your results?:)

  22. I hope to do so! This is my first time attempting something like this so I’m not sure when enough responses are enough though.

  23. Yeah, that’s how it works. And obviously for Onew and Taeyeon, you can put them under other categories as well like main vocalist for Taeyeon.

  24. Chen for vocals, definitely. RM for lyricism (and he obviously fills out the rap part as well). I’d probably say Taemin for dance but in the interest of being different I’ll say Hyolyn who honestly has really impressed me. I’d go with Heechul for humour and Johnny for fashion to round it off.

  25. Ballet with a creepy vibe makes me think of the Black Swan movie (which might be fitting for Mina).

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