1. I’ve had the best time with my class mates and enjoyed that time with them extremely. I really miss the time with them. Besides that I also got to meet someone really beautiful and adorable. I’m just so lucky to have met someone like that person. I’m genuinely so grateful for the wonderful time I had with that person which I’ll never forget

  2. that is very sweet:) it is the same for me. I also met a wonderful person who improved my life and I will never forget ;)

  3. Not sure if they officially are a couple but I’d ship Tom Holland with Zendaya.

  4. I don't know if they are officially together either, but they really are very cute together.

  5. There is not just one best thing that happened to me this year, but many things. One of them is that I have seen many of my relatives. I spent a lot of time with my relatives and my family. And one of the most important things was that I had contact with a wonderful person. I will never forget this person in my life. He really made my life more beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't have contact with him anymore, but if I could, I would spend the time we wrote again.

  6. That’s so sweet. I’d only agree to this. I want to ask you tho why you can’t write with him anymore. Like do u want him to write you or should he better not? And I had a similar situation to this. The time I spent with that lovely person was just beautiful and I’d like to do relive that once again if I could.

  7. I want him to write to me, but every time we write together there is a distance now. We are both a little afraid, I think, that we will cause problems for the other. I would be really happy if we have contact. :)

  8. I‘m pretty sure he wants to write too but he’s as well kinda afraid that he might hurt you or cause any kind of problems to you or any bystanders. He doesn’t want to make hopes for anyone and isn’t sure what he should do. But u can be assured that having contact with you is the most beautiful thing he could have.

  9. that's true :) But maybe you also meet one day🥰.

  10. Yess I hope so :) Would love to glance at her cute smile ^ ^

  11. awww that's so sweet🥰🥺 she definitely wants to see you again too;) and look at your beautiful smile

  12. Tbh this year. I just had the best time ever with my classmates and I won’t forget it. It was just unbelievable. And from all the other great things that happened I had the chance to meet this beautiful, smart and just stunning girl. I’m so glad I know her and just met her that day. Everything was just so much better with her.

  13. It was the same for me this year. I was able to see many relatives again and spent a lot of time with friends and families. One of the best things that happened to me this year is that I met a boy. He is great, kind, beautiful, smart and just wonderful. I will never forget that in my life.🥰

  14. There are some moments. One of those moments was at a birthday party. We had to form two columns. One with boys and one with girls only. I was standing right in front of him. I looked at him and I had the feeling that time was passing slowly. I felt like I was in slow motion and it was beautiful. I can't really describe how I felt, but it was fucking beautiful. The way he stood there, the candle in his hand. He looked pretty darn good. And the way he talked to someone with such a sweet smile was just perfect. He's perfect.

  15. Omg that soo cutee 🥰 Something exactly similar happened to me as well. When I saw her on that one day I couldn’t even listen to the people speaking to me. Like I was just so focused on her that I genuinely couldn’t talk to them. I was just so stunned ❤️

  16. Awww 🥺😍 yeah, I couldn't really understand what my cousins were saying either. I was just amazed by him.🥰

  17. I’m glad you’re strong then, you can get through this champ

  18. Yes you just need to believe in urself. Everything will be fine. Time will tell.

  19. I can't think of anyone other than him either. As you said, time will tell. :)

  20. I hope he’ll write to u soon ^ ^ He surely will and he didn’t forget u or anything. He surely will write to his crush. But he might not be sure if she really awaits him to write her. Like does she want him to write him or so idk. But he will.

  21. Yes, I hope so too. Of course I'm waiting for my crush to write to me. Why should I not want that. I also hope that he writes me as soon as possible, but he doesn't have to stress about me. If it takes him even 100 years to write me, I would wait.

  22. Yes, I am in the same situation. I've never had the feeling of loving someone, like being in love. I have a crush on someone. It's actually more than a crush, but I can't define that feeling. Actually, it's really sweet that you remember what she said. I'm not sure myself if her definition is correct but it could be who knows :)

  23. Yes it’s way more than just a crush. Like I can’t even describe it and idk what exactly it is. And her definition is surely correct :)

  24. Yes, I can't describe the feeling either. But I know that it is something beautiful. :)

  25. Yes absolutely and it makes me happy to do so. Like every time a love song or just any kind of song that describes her is playing I’m always reminded of her. I love to listen to her songs and I even make up those fake scenarios with being with her. I don’t really think about big scenarios but the simple things just make me smile. Like I just want to hug her and tell her how much I like her. I just want to be with her but yeah those are just fake scenarios which won’t ever happen. I don’t have tiktok so don’t really get to see those kinda videos but I’d love to. I instead scroll through Reddit and just try to find similar posts related to crush and so. And nearly my whole class knows about her and it just makes me blush every time I tell about that beauty. Sadly we don’t really have contact atm cause I’m like trying to take a break and not make her any hope. I genuinely don’t want to make her sad because that would break my heart if I’d see her in such kinda mood. I just want the best for her and I’m looking forward to texting that pretty again. I just don’t know when the time is good to do so. I’d love to text her but idk when it’s good to do so and I’m asking myself if she’s looking forward for me to write her smth.

  26. Sometimes that one person makes the place beautiful. I also had a situation, a similar one. For me, it was also a birthday party. I saw him as soon as I walked in. Since then, I couldn't take my eyes off him. The feelings I had for him three years ago came back stronger. He was wonderful, beautiful, and just perfect. He definitely made my day and I will never forget that day. The place itself was not beautiful, but he made it beautiful.

  27. I exactly know that u mean. That one day was just so beautiful just because I could see her and kinda met her on that day for the first time :)

  28. Yes, it is really beautiful. I hope I experience something like that again with him :)

  29. That's so sweet:) she must be lucky to have you🥰

  30. If he has a good heart. That makes him a 10/10. If he is still damn good looking, then those are all plus points. But if he has a good character and treats you with respect and love and as already mentioned has a good heart he is automatically 10/10 for me.

  31. I met a girl whom I’d describe exactly like that. She’s just so lovely 🥰

  32. I know this too well. I always imagine fake scenarios with one specific person even though I know they’ll never come true. But it just makes me happy.

  33. Awww that’s so cute 🥰. I’d say the pretty girl I like as well :)

  34. For me it’s when she has that cute smile whenever she looks at you. And then with those gorgeous eyes I can’t. It’s just too beautiful.

  35. When we agreed to not write anymore. I just knew from that day one how deeply I miss her.

  36. That one birthday party that was absolutely fantastic.

  37. Yeah same :) I had a similar experience I won’t forget. That was on a birthday too.

  38. Music and writing with a special person :)

  39. I can only agree :) it just so damn beautiful and I love it

  40. He is just perfect. He looks fantastic, he has a good heart. I have never seen anyone like him ;) He is the best.

  41. Awww that’s so sweet. I’m sure he’s just smiling right now.

  42. I joined Reddit because of my crush^

  43. It was a birthday party. I saw there the most handsome and sweetest boy ever. I had a crush on him a few years ago, but seeing him again at that party changed my life. It was through this event that he first became aware of me :)

  44. I had a similar situation. I’ve never seen her before but there was this one birthday party where I met her. She stood there so stunningly in her beautiful dress that she instantly amazed me with her eyes, looks and cute smile. When she then came up to me and made a compliment in her cute voice I fell for her.

  45. Not really dreaming, but before I fall asleep I think of him and imagine a scenario with just him and me and always hope it comes true. Yes, I know it sounds very strange, but that's what I do every night.

  46. Yes I can only relate to this. I sadly don’t dream about this but I always imagine some beautiful scenarios with me and my crush. It’s just too beautiful to be true.

  47. when I have some kind of contact with him<3

  48. I can only agree to this. Whenever I have contact with her in any way I’m just damn happy. It can be the simplest thing like just being in the same room or looking at each other but that’s enough for me to melt my heart.

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