1. I mean, it might help spur some discussion of you listed a few of the things that bugged you. Then you might actually find out if you're the only one who feels that way.

  2. My biggest issue with ME is the second game. When that piece of shit Shepard joined up with cerberis.

  3. I read comments comparing MEA's story with the tril, and it always makes me think of how can you compare mea one game story with mea three game story. We can compare the story of both against the other only if you compare the first game of both

  4. I’ve decided to not watch any trailers or discussion videos. My goal is to watch the first season and then decide after that.

  5. I am the opposite, I got so pissed i closed my prime account and uninstalled prime from my roku

  6. … so, as someone who hated Andromeda at launch and couldn’t bring myself to play it for essentially 4 years thereafter (and then finished the game with a 100% save and loved it), here’s my analysis.

  7. I agree with all you said, but I take a different approach in my thinking. When ME came out it had no past to be judged by as MEA had. With ME the had a great main story, and over three game they fucked the story up so bad they to this day have not fixed it. To you grrr guys that say no to that, fuck you. The first game was great, could have been better but was good. Game two which all say was one of the best games ever I agree when you take the game by itself. When looked at in the series it sick bigtime. They completely changed the story in the second game. Whither the third they tried to fix but failed. I'll take MEA first every day

  8. Ryder can be a little immature/unprepared/naive at first and yes even a little cringey in the first few “team speech” scenes. Some people don’t get past it and see the character actually grow and change. In contrast, Shepard has begun to feel more static to me.

  9. Shepard is just an asshole, who is never wrong, and get on the past damn nerve. Ryder

  10. I like Ryder because he is more open, not an asshole like Shepard

  11. I agree, I want the continuous story of MEA in A, but from what I have seem in there adverts we want get that, not from what I see. I would love to.see how they grew the story, how the government body would be. I want to.see how they transform Ryder1 I think they names it.To be honest I they thr base story in MEA is better if they did it right. The base story in ME was great but they did nothing with it after the first game.

  12. Can you clarify what this post is supposed to say?

  13. The new game should it be Mea based or should they based it after the destroy ending. I want it to be based somehow on Ryder, in the milky way

  14. They have to connect the two, otherwise we will never have anything from MEA. Are you so headstrong, that you would never see anything MEA again

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