1. Really thought they would make LG easier these days, did not take this test but worried about August. I did almost every single game so far, hope that helps at least.

  2. Honestly you should be fine. This LG was average I think. I just choked

  3. It wasn't that bad but I totally choked on a game that most likely wasn't even meant to be hard! I couldn't even set it up and guessed on all of them

  4. I just finished my test and had this setup. LR-LG-RC. When the 4th section popped up and said it was unscored, I actually messaged my proctor asking if there had been a mistake 😆

  5. You'll replace our BN. Message me ill try to fill you in.

  6. Hey Carly. I'm currently in 2-2 at JBLM. What unit are you in? What's it like over there?

  7. Hi! I had approved accommodations for the January LSAT. From my understanding, they did not contact my physician, they actually didn’t give me much of a hard time at all. I submitted the documentation on a Tuesday and was approved by the following Monday.

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