1. If you go to the country with the shortest average height in the world, you’ll see more people in the shorter IDs.

  2. I’d never heard of her until her group came up on my recommended groups yesterday.

  3. Her videos started popping up in my recommendations on Youtube several months ago. My main issue is that she seems to perceive some Kibbe image ID's and some Kitchener essences as being superior or more beautiful than others. There was a post here a while back about the language she used to describe natural essence in one of her videos. It was not flattering. The other example that stands out in my mind is a video she made about ethereal essence where she reveals that she possesses this essence and then goes on to really talk it up, even saying that those with ethereal essence will seem as though they are above you. It bothers me because it could potentially rob people of the objectivity needed to find their own essence(s), or lead to people feeling bad about themselves. I also feel that when someone holds one "type" above all others, in any of the various styling systems we talk about here, it conveys a rather shallow and incomplete understanding of how the systems actually work, and so it makes me suspect of everything she says.

  4. The one caveat I would make to this is that your physical form will determine what your ID is, above anything else. That’s what the fantasy quiz in the book is about—to see if your inner “fantasy” self and your outer “reality” self align, because they don’t always. Way back before the exercises, I settled by focusing on these inner desires and how I felt I was seen by the world. There was some overlap in essence between where I thought I was and where I’ve now settled, but the reality is my physical body is the determining factor. This may be particular to where I fall (one of those SNs with a Gamine essence), because I haven’t heard him mention it for any other ID. But it can be a trap to focus too much on how you think you’re seen or how you want to be seen. Because what if someone really is a Diva and they just need that unleashed? If you look at the before and afters in the Metamorphosis book, it would be hard to get a sense of the essence that goes along with that Image ID from the picture.

  5. Wow! Fascinating journey! I am curious if Kibbe has verified any celebs as SNs with gamine essence? I find it hard to visualise the exact idea this encapsulates. For instance, there are people of all types that might have a so-called gamine essence, so I’m intrigued by why SN is specifically set aside and (I assume) given special principles within the SN ID?

  6. He talked about it in the FG group. Basically, over the years, he’s found that there are a fair amount of SNs who need very similar styling to Gamines, but it needs to be interpreted through the silhouette of SN. I think there is overlap, if you read the book. Both SN and FG share “fresh” as a descriptor. I think he shared it with the FG group because there were a ton of people who identified with FG but ended up being SN (myself included, although it took me longer to get there). One was just verified as SN, in fact. I think it’s the kind of youthfulness SNs can also have, like Goldie Hawn. A lot of people have connected it to being short as well, but I’m not certain that you couldn’t have that energy and be one of the 5’6” SNs. Some SNs look great in watercolor florals with ruffles. Some SNs are very sexy, like JLo or Kim Basinger. And then some are more… spunky, maybe? I think it’s the latter who would fall into that “gamine”-ish category, heavier on the “fresh” than the “sensual” in “Fresh and Sensual.” Then there are some who are sassy and sexy, like Joan Blondell.

  7. They have nothing in common. DCs are overall proportional to themselves and straighter in body, with maybe some slight elongation. SNs have width in their upper body and curve somewhere in their line, with some additional softness.

  8. Is Erin's husband running for office? Is that why they moved to Florida?

  9. I don’t think it would work for Kibbe, but Kettlewell does something like this for seasons for the U.K., I think.

  10. Single curve or double, stiff tailoring, like what a DC would get, wouldn’t work. Crisp fabric is also light. It’s not stiff.

  11. With SN vs. FG I think it’s easier to see if there are curves or not versus whether width is present. Then you get into SG vs SN, but…

  12. If you imagine a line of fabric, does it get pushed out at the bust/hip area, or does it go straight down? Let’s say you were wearing something like a straight-cut lightweight T-shirt dress. What would happen to the outline of the fabric as it interacted with your body? The bust and/or hips pushing that line out is curve. If your bust line visually is in line with the boundaries of your rib cage, for example, it wouldn’t create a curved line, because the line wouldn’t push out, even if your actual cup size is on the larger side. You don’t need both bust and hip curve to have curve. It’s not rare at all to have curve. A lot of women are yang and still have curve (SNs, SDs).

  13. Thanks, this is very helpful! According to your description, I do have curve, both upper and lower.

  14. It’s been something I’ve been wrestling with; I’m actually redoing the exercises myself right now.

  15. An SD’s curves have to be accommodated. In an FN, the width and vertical accommodation takes care of any potential curviness in the non-Kibbe sense.

  16. They wouldn’t be, because to meet the height requirement of a runway model, you would be taller than SNs are. They can only be FN, SD, or D.

  17. Yes, it depends on the cut. Yang and yin are not masculine and feminine. Extreme yin hair is soft and rounded. Extreme yang hair is geometric and sleek.

  18. There’s a wide range in between the extremes :) Probably somewhere in the Classic family!

  19. I’m not sure what Aly Art is referring to when she says FGs feel like a boy in girl’s clothing 🤨 I wouldn’t listen to that, because it’s a limited mindset and can get into your head.

  20. N didn’t exist at the same time as the accommodation stuff. It is recent and N hasn’t been around for like 25 years. It wouldn’t really fit into what he’s been doing now and doesn’t make sense within the framework. That’s why it’s gone.

  21. This is super fascinating! Can I ask why accomodations is at odds with the pure types? Or perhaps I’m misinterpreting you here and I should ask why the pure types doesn’t work in his current framework?

  22. The absence or presence of curve in the line will always be accounted for. It’s more binary. As said by

  23. I wish that no seriously posts would be allowed unless they were commentary on the Kibbe community, not just serious Kibbe questions.

  24. Sure, your goal would be to merge your outer SC self with your inner playful self. David is much less strict about things like “only neutrals” or “only this kind of pattern” than other people who use his work are.

  25. They are not allowed to be posted anywhere outside of the Strictly Kibbe groups. They’re meant to take you six months, so trust me, don’t worry about getting started now. Wait until you’re in the group. They are not meant to get you to your ID directly; they’re meant to help you understand what David’s work is all about and help you to shift your way of thinking. So please be patient—I’m the only person who admits people, I work 12-13 hours a day, and we get a ton of requests daily and it’s a multi-step process.

  26. Can I respectfully ask why there isn’t more of a team? Given the huge explosion of interest in Kibbe it seems like you could use a team

  27. But David doesn't officially condone using his system that way, unless done via the SK group, correct?

  28. If you have the book, it accomplishes pretty much the same idea in the first half of the book. It’s just that mainly gets glossed over and people go right to type descriptions and don’t absorb the main lessons. He says very similar things then and now. So if you went through a similar emotional/thought process as the exercises, that’s fine; the exercises just guide you. The exercises mainly came about because he saw the way people were interacting with what they thought was his system. He’s writing a new book now, so I assume that will bring his true message to even more people outside of SK.

  29. Ah, the one I had in mind was some gamine. Her name starts with an E. She posted some of her outfits on Reddit too and answered questions about her visit.

  30. Oh, that one didn’t surprise me! The one I’m thinking about is much more recent, like a week or so ago.

  31. I agree that being tall equals a vertical line so I'm not saying she is a gamine or anything like that but as a pure D, I noticed all of us have small heads and its one of the things that give our bodies that strong , tall look. I tried to look for one D with a noticeably big head but failed. I also noticed that all the yin types have bigger heads .

  32. It wouldn’t be considered. Your clothes don’t hang from your head.

  33. I’m sorry that happened to you! That just sounds like a gross old man who needs to mind his own damn business. People haven’t worn slips under skirts as a regular thing since Metamorphosis was a hot new release in bookstores.

  34. He created exercises for the Strictly Kibbe group, but they’re not really intended to get you to your ID, exactly. They’re intended to get you to a place where you’re thinking about dressing and your image in a different way, and then people kind of realize their ID organically, but it’s secondary to the process and the way of thinking itself.

  35. I don’t use essence, but I use DYT on top of Kibbe, and for me it’s that the color system is what it is, Kibbe is the framework (how things fall, what works and what doesn’t, etc.), and DYT is styling. Essence would fall under the “styling” category in this approach.

  36. Delightful group! Thanks! What do OOTD and HTT mean?

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