1. It's a variation of circumstances. Could be it's too often the same, could be she's in a different mental space. Ask her...

  2. It is very often the same I’ve asked her about changing it up and how it can start differently or go buys she’s adamant that’s how she likes it and she dosent want it any different she likes knowing how it’s going to go

  3. It's ultimately mental state she's in when it boils down to the orgasm.

  4. Ultimately for me it’s not just boiling down to the orgasm for her obviously it’s a bonus but as long as she enjoys herself that’s all I care about , I just gets to me that I can’t always make her feel the best she can feel

  5. I would say yes but from her tik too it’s suggested she wants you to take control and be forward with meeting up with her , so be confident make a date plan and message her for example “ hey I’ve got reservations for dinner what time should I pick you up ?”

  6. Depends on what you are after from a game personally I think both storylines a good however Valhalla’s has much more especially if you are into side quests and exploring , and cold war has the zombies mode which I personally like, however atm multiplayer feels pretty repetitive

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