[OC] US government revenue, spending, and deficit in 2021

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  1. Extremely cool, and I mean this is a joke but I'm not sure about my confidence in an oven coming from a company called Frigidaire.

  2. Where does majorkill get hate on reddit? I've yet to see any

  3. People getting butthurt because he has a offensive sense of humor. Same crowd as always that can't tell the difference between a joke and an actual opinion.

  4. How exactly can you tell the difference between a joke and a genuinely held opinion? How about if someone is masking their true beliefs as a joke? Would you know? If you ever thought someone was joking, but then were presented evidence that convinced you they weren't, what would that evidence look like? Has that ever happened before?

  5. Majorkill is a perfect example of someone who is just joking, he's even admitted when he's been a little to cringe in the past. As far as hiding actual opinion behind a sense of humor It's entirely possible, but immediately crucifying everyone cracking a offensive joke doesn't leave you much better than the people your supposedly trying to stop.

  6. Am I the only one that sees an extremely hungover Ripley from alien in the first picture?

  7. He's the oldest living space Marine apart form maybe cypher. Guys just legitimately tired at this point.

  8. Fair point, but he hasn't been awake for about 98% of that.

  9. Zebra Sarasa Clip. Best gel pen on the market. I will die on this hill.

  10. Does it come in 0.38? That's my fav size in pilot.

  11. How is this thing adorable and terrifying at the same time.

  12. Virus, decent body horror on a ship. Normally watch it back to back with event horizon.

  13. The closest I've ever played to a android stalker is day r premium from Rmind games. It's got a similar atmosphere at least.

  14. Well I'm guilty of two of those.

  15. Get a skr mini e3 board. I think it's up to version 3.0 now. Honestly the creality boards are a pain in the ass from my experience.

  16. Now that I think about it. When you compile your firmware configure it to use unified bed leveling, it's a bit tedious to setup but it basically makes frequent bed leveling unnecessary. You will have to change your start gcode on your slicer as well. It's the most reliable method in marlin right now. I've had issues with linear and bilinear grids not applying themselves after probing, and if your going to set up mesh leveling you may as well do UBL.

  17. Lol was this a dominos in east Tennessee?

  18. He's saying he's a POS with a micropenis that's threatened by a guy in a yellow sundress.

  19. Trump flag is to distract from his obvious micropenis. It's a universal conservative trait at this point.

  20. Have a friend that actually did this and got away with it. Was her first days off in over 3 months.

  21. It's 170 to 250b billion in waste fraud and abuse. We by far pay more for everything in healthcare than any other country.

  22. I knew that was going to be the answer and I'm still disappointed.


  24. The universal healthcare people want to reform it to the point that it's cheap enough for the gov to comp the cost for all citizens. Even some 3rd world countries have figured this out before us, it's embarrassing.

  25. I was just about to say, it's going to be real funny when those nut jobs get a hold of this.

  26. I swear by speed paints for bt minis, at least as far as my simple paint jobs go. I think they would be excellent as a base coat for more complicated paint jobs as well.

  27. Cool, try painting a light color over it as trim now.

  28. Well hate seems a little harsh, it's a good means to get a decent looking paint job with ok shadows and highlights without having to aggravate my carpal tunnel doing edge highlights.

  29. Well at least they're being open about it now. Time to buy a gun, they'll be looking for excuses to kill liberals and non Christians soon.

  30. Am I the only one curious to see what happens with this country once the oil runs out? Assuming we still have a habitable planet by then.

  31. Are any of us actually surprised by this?

  32. I know this is a Necro post, but this shit just happens with the 6k and lychee slicer especially when you have antialasing enabled. I don't think they have the anycubic file format down 100% yet.

  33. For some reason this makes me think of playground equipment. Looks really good and I think it would be awesome to see on the table.

  34. Are these official models and if so where did they come from?

  35. They're from cults, I ran them off of my photon 6k.

  36. Do each of those carry three LRM 30's?!? I didn't even know you could get LRM 30's!?! And three of 'em!!!

  37. They are mrm carriers, I sometimes run them as lrm carriers but ya mrm. 🤣

  38. Is it bad I have a Yeoman and a Mackie in my army?

  39. If Texas manages to go blue I might reconsider being an atheist, because it's going to take a fucking miracle.

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