1. No, I don't have ms they already checked my brain for that.but I do have some autoimmune diseases.

  2. Oh, glad they cleared you for that. I Have MS and it sucks. Hope they clear you for anything serious.

  3. Is it worth it? I don't know, maybe doing your own job well and getting satisfaction from your own efforts is a more productive use of your time? This coworker sounds obnoxious, and they might already have drawn negative attention to themselves from the higher ups. If they're getting on your nerves, chances are they're getting on other people's, too. Do you really want them to live in your head rent free? Sometimes people like this, who pitch themselves against everyone else in a nonexistent competition, scupper themselves on their own inflated egos, but if you choose to indulge their tomfoolery you can end up drawn in and fighting a neverending battle as they ramp up their awfulness and leave you drained and exhausted. So maybe think twice about trolling your coworker-- anything you do will just be ammunition for them that they could very well use against you, especially since this is a work situation. If it was high school or college it might be a different story, but do you really want to risk putting your job on the line just to win at a silly game of one-upmanship that an immature dickhead with a fragile ego insists on playing? Personally, I would distance myself from this person if possible. Let them play with themselves-- it'll be a losing game. Maybe when they brag and bluster just smile politely and say "oh, really? That's interesting", and then go back to your work. You don't have to react to their foolishness. Your bosses will see who the grownups are.

  4. Oh, I need to reply to this one. Thing is, the company I'm working for is small. There is only six of us, plus the boss. The jerk is the brother in law of my boss. Boss is a great person and aware of how his BIL is conducting himself. There are no repercussions for me If I choose to troll him in a manner that will not affect the business.

  5. When every crazy bitch on TV or film bore some resemblance and tendencies to my then-wife. And others would point it out, too.

  6. Did she react in any way to the characters on TV, defend them or alienate from them?

  7. Well, what is your relationship with the psychopath?

  8. Aww, i just thought finally Bugout Minis are coming…

  9. Those cast aluminum ones that are available seem to be very low quality. There is a titanium handle mini with sheepsfoot blade that seems to be a good knife, but it is not a direct clone :/

  10. I think the lack of a functioning lock bar is more suspicious

  11. That is common on Aliexpress. They photoshop the lock often because of some laws.

  12. I just realised I forgot how it happened. I mean, i rememeber a girl, but not much else. That was like 17 years ago, but still. MS really messed up my memory :(

  13. I didn’t know 940 coming with small deep clip

  14. Yeah, you should really stop spamming this sub.

  15. Bruh ... I have to hand it to ya, you've got good taste in knives. But you really need to get yourself a true Benchmade!

  16. Oh, man, I would love to, but they aren't even available anywhere in my country and if they were, standard 940 would cost like 300 euros. Importing it would be even more expensive I guess and I'm already stretching my budget with these clones,lol.

  17. Thanks! No need for extra photos. I guess I might just have to give it a try. I hope your situation will soon change for the better, and that you will be able to buy a real Benchmade in a year or two. Stay strong, keep it sharp and be safe🖖

  18. Thank you. Hopefully I will get it one day. Saw your posts and you have quite a collection :)

  19. The 940-1 is ugly imo, i bought the 940dlc cf. its a beauty and very high quality. These arguably have d2 steel, however the 940-1 has 9cr as proven by luvthemknives

  20. Got the 940 DLC version few day ago. It's a looker. I'm not a fan of the coated blades, but it looks great on this one.

  21. It doesn't matter, they are the same store. Someone here said they probably like to have a backup.

  22. Oh, nice. Wondering will they make CF version. My dream 0450 would be CF with white blade.

  23. Stfu. This is Lepi Mica. An idiot reality star from Serbia

  24. The constant posts about keeping it relevant are starting to also just further dilute the sub though. The pinned post already addresses this. Best to downvote, leave a comment linking a more relevant sub, and move on

  25. Pinned post? How to see that one? I sort by new here so I could check latest information, as I believe most do.

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