I stood by and allowed my wife to almost kill our son. I was happy she did it.

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WIBTA If I didn’t go to my brother’s wedding over a bridesmaid dress?

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  1. 1000% not the asshole. If he wanted Christmas he could have planned better and himself. Leaving you to deal with it yourself was bad enough but he left you with no money to do anything. 100 doesn't get a lot anymore, but he can pay for a trip with friends and gf for a football game

  2. The long con she was playing for a quick PR. Seriously op got lucky for a way out and gets to move to Europe. Sucks she wasted seven years on him though, she deserved better

  3. It sucks op wasted seven years with him, she deserved better. Glad she got to move to Europe

  4. Mourned for two days!!?? Dude didn't love her at all

  5. The more I read the more angry I get. They need to cut ties with that woman. And I hope she doesn't stop taking her medicine

  6. The fact that he could still be out there somewhere is unsettling

  7. Bob: I assumed they were all Vlad Me: I approve that message

  8. The body shaming was already a red flag but the update! Getting off on her pictures is bad enough (especially with a kid in it) but sending them to people without her consent, the fuck dude. Now I know this is me just overthinking but the way he acts kind of gives off family annihilator vibes. Spending a lot of money on his wife while fantasizing about someone else or another life he actually wanted

  9. Holy shit. I'm glad the shit didn't fully have his way with her. And I'm glad her husband believed her. Kid sounds like he's already raped someone before and his parents might know about it but want to cover it up.

  10. Nah the professor was in the right. He didn't know it was a joke and usually those "jokes" end badly for the woman it was targeted at. The kid may have meant nothing by it but better to be safe than sorry

  11. You're the asshole. Joke or not, your professor heard a male say he only wanted the grad student because she was hot. He was only making sure she was safe. At the time he didn't know it was a joke (not even a funny one) and the way women get attacked comments like yours shouldn't be taken as a joke. A harmless "she's hot I want her to teach me" often leads to harm to the woman and to be honest he'd be the asshole if he didn't switch you out.

  12. I really don't understand how that was a betrayal. They weren't dating. They weren't even hooking up. It's none of their business who he's kissing (unless it's extremely problematic)

  13. Wow! The way the OP and her younger brother were treated is so wrong. They were trying to accommodate for the wedding when they didn't have to. Sounds like both were targeted for some reason

  14. 1000% not the asshole. You wouldn't have been the asshole if you dropped out either. You tried to get the information right to make sure it was what the bride wanted and no one was willing to answer or work with you. Then the whole chaos at the wedding was unnecessary. Sounds like they were targeting you and your younger brother. She was in the wrong

  15. NTA. It sounds like he just sees you as an incubator and not as a person. He's 1000% over reacting and showing his true colors.

  16. I'd 10000% tell him. Show him the proof too. She fucked up multiple people's lives.

  17. As an American I don't see how "my pleasure" is considered flirting. NTA. You don't have to apologize but maybe explain it to her.

  18. Yea, but I never got the chance, it went straight to HR and when I explained it to them, they said that I had to apologise in an official setting.

  19. Well then never mind on explain 😅 still not the asshole

  20. NTA. Clearly he has a problem with your life style. Not to mention it's your wedding, invite who you want. It should be a stress free day and it seems like he'd bring the stress and probably try to ruin it.

  21. NTA. It's weird your MIL wanted to lick your ice cream. You weren't being greedy or selfish, you literally offered her the other one in the freezer.

  22. NTA. She shouldn't laugh at your concerns. Maybe show her some of the people asking about your relationship. Maybe she can post stories of you two on how a good relationship is

  23. NTA. You don't owe her anything. You were trying to build trust and a relationship with a stranger. Strangers don't need to know about a child until you feel comfortable with telling them. Also you didn't lie to her

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