1. The Secret of Nihm is still really good animation I watched it last year still a lovely movie.

  2. Free education on a primary school level. I want as much of the population to know how to read and write as possible. My education system will have a lot of practical courses after agriculture, tradesmen things and home economic things. Maths and English will be compulsory but I'd want maths to include making a budget. Business etiquette will also be taught in schools how to interview, how to properly send emails etc.

  3. The Thing (1982) - Classic of the genre. Group of scientists are doing things in the artic when a monster infiltrates their camp. It has the ability to look like any of them so it's a lot of suspense as they try to survive and no one knows who is the thing. It relies more on the unknown and not super gory just some old timey practical effects that still hold up.

  4. I've had a similar variation of this but not with Mrs BAlls. Sounds yummy though.

  5. I bought the JBL T500 from loot a few years ago. Decent price I am still very happy with the sound quality its very crisp.

  6. Garfield. I used to love Garfield I even wrote a paper about him in senior year. I think he's jokes have faded and it's just less funny looking back at panels as an adult. But I never ever found Heathcliff funny.

  7. Y tu mama tambien - Beautiful coming of age roadtrip movie. Two teenage boys take a life changing trip with a woman in her twenties.

  8. Other People - Excellent tearjerker about a writer moving back to his small town because his mum has cancer.

  9. Beautiful country, lovely people, lots of flavour all around. Government is actively holding us as a nation back at this point. Things are getting way too expensive for most people. There's so much potential for this place to be amazing.

  10. The way Africa was viewed because of colonial propaganda . A backwards bunch of savages all around.

  11. Same here in Australia with the conservatives and the local indigenous peoples.

  12. Its all so fucked. This is a subject I'm not very familiar with. I know so little of this history. I was watching the wrong kind of black the other day it was quite interesting. Can you maybe recommend anything to watch or read that might give me a little more insight.

  13. I like to have my soup with rice or toast. A glass wont allow me to dip or break toast in. Soup as a snack a glass or cup works great. But I think for the majority of the time a bowl is the best soup vessel.

  14. It's a dope action packed story. Just the way it was done was meh.

  15. At work I speak Afrikaans and the bare minimum of Setswana. At home I speak English mostly but it's Afrikaans mixed. The "state" where I live Afrikaans is very prominent.

  16. Brendan Schaub the Gringo Papi. It's bad but not unbearable in my opinion I think it got a bit too much hate. It does suck though.

  17. This old friend of mine reached out to me the other day. We chatted for a bit then he said he's part of some holiday thing. Where the more people you get involved to sell to others the cheaper your dream holiday becomes. Man these MLMs are one of humanity's worst creations.

  18. I know it's lekker ne. Everyone is confused no one is happy fight aggression with sheer awkwardness.

  19. Jeezis why would you need, or want, that?

  20. To look back on in astonishment and horror at how such a thing could get made. A relic of South Africa's past. Somebody needs to make a YouTube video of this.

  21. I'm sure you'll need a good VPN for that, if you catch my meaning.

  22. I've looked on a few of my go to yo ho ho sites. Nothing so far. But I'll keep trying.

  23. Mysterious Skin is about two boys who are sexually assaulted and their lives go on different paths after that experience.

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