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  1. In highschool we had these classes before homecoming and prom showing gruesome videos and crash scene photos of kids like decapitated. Almost everyone still drove drunk.

  2. Lyft or Uber account, but at the same time tell them they can always call you, no matter the time and you'll get them.

  3. The reason I stoped using Firefox is because they keep pushing updates in the middle of the day and it locks me out from opening new tabs until I update. There is nothing more frustrating than running a meeting or a demo, and then suddenly having to update Firefox. I switched back to Safari and Chrome.

  4. I'm confused, it only updates when you fully close the browser and even then not regularly.

  5. I tried 140 mm noctuas in front, but in my case they make an annoying humming noise so i went back to the 120 mm noctuas that essentially only make wind noise. I definitely don’t need this many fans, but I like being able to run them at relatively low speeds while gaming and still have low temperatures. My radiator has 3 NF A12 fans that barely hit 1000 rpm while gaming and my 5800X still stays relatively cool (although those cpus get hot no matter what due to the small die size).

  6. It isn't "loud," it's just a lot louder than noctua 120 mm fans running at ~1000 rpm. It is an EVGA XC3 so it has 3 smaller fans that have to run at higher RPMs than 120 mm fans which inherently makes it more audible.

  7. Either way: If you haven't, try undervolting. It can make your clocks more stable and might lower temperatures enough to reduce the fan speed.

  8. My monitor is only G-Sync compatible and I’ve tried running the game without g-sync as well but I still had micro stutters.

  9. Huh, I also had this stutter problem over a year ago in Apex, but it was mostly the game back then.

  10. I’ve never used Nvidia Broadcast and I have the Steam Overlay off for Apex. Also disabled shadow play and the Geforce Experience Overlay and general with no luck.

  11. Oh, my 3080 also drops down as low as ~130-160 fps, especially at the start of the round when you look over the entire map with lots of players dropping.

  12. Plus you’ll have the added bonus of truly experiencing the local toilets!

  13. Not in Germany and Austria, our tap water is great to drink :)

  14. Meanwhile on the sales report: Water: 99.99% gross profit.

  15. Nah, I'm from Austria and work in Germany, I'm 99% sure OP's family drank bottled water (just without the bottle), which we call "Soda" (Just uncarbonated).

  16. ambulances???? violent crimes???? my brother in christ it was a one dollar toll

  17. America, land of the fee

  18. Yeah, I am a hard proponent of positive reinforcement over negative, but sometimes a little bit of tough love does help, and withholding a toy for a few days is a very appropriate consequence for an issue like this.

  19. Hell, sometimes punishment is necessary, as long as it's not physical.

  20. makes me furious that the “pro-life” people attack other people and can’t see/care how hypocritical they are. Need to bring Wall of Vets to clinics

  21. At this point you really need to divide and conquer those idiots. For example:

  22. The cooler could make a significant impact. I know my 3700x never stops boosting once I got a good cooler, it's locked at 4.2ghz while playing now but with a stock cooler it didn't boost for nearly as long. I'm sure the 5600X3D performs better, but you can still squeeze out some more performance from the 3700x for sure.

  23. It doesn't for the 3700X. I switched from the stock cooler to a NH-D15 with 2 fans. The CPU ran a lot cooler, but even in benchmarks I didn't even see a 1% gain..

  24. It is the unending relentlessness unceasing day in day out is what wears me down mentally and can bring me to tears. It is not the act of laundry itself.

  25. Really, laundry? The machine does 90% of the work, the only thing actually annoying is ironing afterwards.

  26. Until BCH reaches 1000 $ I'm not spending a penny of it. And you can try to convince me how this is going to increase adoption and how I should contribute etc I'm just gonna laugh at you. Good luck with your journey.

  27. You don't seem to grasp the simple concept that is spend and replace, it's irrelevant from the current price.

  28. That was my reaction too, I didn't program that crap. And I'd love to fix it, but first those double user accounts need to get changed..

  29. I once had to deal with a codebase where version control was done by zipping the changed files and storing the different versions in g drive. 0 thought put into ever having to maintain those changes in the long run. I'm glad I only had to understand that code to interface with it and not actively work on it.

  30. Now, can we agree they need schools, food, shelter and Medicare?

  31. No, just more guns. It's a target rich environment.

  32. These abortions aren't for the fun of it, but usually a symptom of no or bad sex education.

  33. Right, they discuss like they’ve already produced results. Side note quantum computing solely destroys encryption. It’s probably the most dangerous thing we’ll create when our current world is digital currency and transaction based.

  34. Yeah, no. I think the atomic bomb still holds first spot.

  35. Shenzhen I/O is the most work-like out of the bunch. Only about half of his games (TIS-100, Shenzhen, Exapunks) are literal programming games; the others are still mostly about programming concepts but more abstractly.

  36. I just tried out OM today (it was on sale) but quickly realized I don't like puzzle games :-/

  37. Du hast reich vergessen. Kannst schon n weißer christlicher heterosexueller Mann da drüben sein, wenn du Krebs bekommst bist trotzdem $100k im Loch.

  38. When you call it a diet you already failed.

  39. That's only true if you have great genetics.

  40. Lol, my dad is heavily overweight. I'm also never satisfied and could eat all day long.

  41. Ich kann den Unmut nachvollziehen, total.

  42. Schmeiß die amerikanischen Sendungen und Filme raus, weg mit den Sport Lizenzen (Dafür machen wir ORF Sport kostenpflichtig) und für staatliche Nachrichten und das Wetter ist der ganze ORF für n paar Cent pro Person dreimal finanziert..

  43. Du zahlst aber keine Vignette..

  44. In that scenario LN adoption could be good for BCH. Rent seeking with no work will naturally drive miners to another coin.

  45. There is no adoption, be it BTC or LN. You don't see large merchants offering you to pay in BTC (or over LN).

  46. This is also an adoption problem unfortunately. Imagine if Amazon, Valve (again), Google, Apple and other big companies started to accept BTC. We were getting super close to that before getting choked off.

  47. AFAIK noone ever suggested that onchain scaling doesn’t/can’t work TODAY. The problem is 5 years, 10 or 20 years from now when there’s REAL volume…

  48. Yeah, because 10 years ago we had the exact same hardware as we have today, right?

  49. It's not just about income tax mind. People need to understand a model like you find in Norway, everything is taxed to make things tick. Stuff that are bad for you and the environment is heavily taxed (like alcohol, smoke, cars). A sports car can easily cost three times as much here than other countries.

  50. Speaking as an Austrian: The US system is just a massive high risk gamble.

  51. But knowing that, you can continue looking for another job and negotiate the new job's salary on the basis of your new higher salary at the current job.

  52. If the counter offer isn't substantially higher, don't ever take it.

  53. The best Vodka in the world (Absolut) comes from Sweden, followed by France (Grey Goose), Sweden again (Svedka) and Russia is in fourth place with Beluga.

  54. Sure, they also have good vodka.

  55. Do you own a S22? What is your current battery life, got a screenshot of your battery usage?

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