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  1. Hey bro! i'm super into trout fishing, feel free to PM me and i'll help out with any adice i can

  2. Hey bro, if you want to learn trout fishing, look up robbiefishing on youtube, so super helpful, watch his trout videos and you'll clean up in no time. i started trout fishing this year and cleaned up about 60+ in 3 months. check him out bro

  3. even though it's the right thing to do, still feel sad for the poor carpies, i intentionally don't target them because i hate killing them haha

  4. Agreed. (Because we know he was a Russian soldier, and not a Ukrainian)

  5. You can respect the humanity and act, and condemn the man.

  6. Yes rapists, murders, and nazis can be brave. Applauding the bravery of rapists, murders, and nazis is deplorable.

  7. I much prefer to isolate the individual act, running back into fire to help a wounded man is something most wouldn’t or couldn’t do, I’m of the mind bravery should be observed in a sort of vacuum. I can seperate the person from the act, you should be able to as well. Like I said before, you’re doing a disservice to the Ukrainian defenders by painting their enemy as bumbling evil charactures, those who commit heinous acts should be brought to justice immediately, but it’s important to remember the Ukrainians are beating of professional soldiers and that makes the feat far better IMO

  8. Big fan of a couple spots I’ve found for trout along the Campbell’s river in nsw

  9. I’m always positive in my mind, I cured my depression myself. I never give up on anything I always feel happy (except the bad days) I’m very loyal I’m beautiful/cute/hot yep the three of them I’m also quite smart at analyzing stuff, situations and coming to conclusions with logical responses, analyzing peoples behavior and reading them before knowing them. There’s probably more but I’m actually quite a nice person, kinda mean but it’s fine

  10. Hey man! Your smile is amazing, and your beard growth is hella sweet! You look like a friendly guy with a heart of gold

  11. You didn’t make a mistake, the way your bangs frame your face make you look like a model, and your smile radiates kindness.

  12. Your eyes are divine, and your smile is sweet as flowers. Red looks amazing on you, the world is blessed for your presence.

  13. Your hair is great man! And your glasses fit your face super well

  14. Sorry to hear you went through a breakup bro, you deserve to be happy, you look like a genuine guy and I’d love to be your mate.

  15. You’re absolutely gorgeous physically, all your piercings look like they’re meant to be there and you wear them so well, your makeup skills are super impressive and the way your hair frames your face makes you look gorgeous, you look like a very fun person and I hope life gives you all you desire

  16. Good morning, I hope you’re aware that you’re very pretty and your smile is very sweet, you’re a lot of the good humanity has to offer and I hope you get all you want from life.

  17. You’ve absolutely killed it! You look like a total professional. You look the part as a person and you should be proud of yourself.

  18. You look like you radiate kindness, your smile is gentle and beautiful.

  19. Alternative girls are amazing, coloured hair, piercings, tattoos, all that stuff, but most of all the personality most of those girls tend to have, the confidence and love to fun in life draws me in like a sucker.

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