1. i can’t speak to your wedding but i’ve been making a list of things not to forget based off of posts and articles i’ve seen. i’ve copy and pasted mine to hopefully help you out!

  2. i don’t think it’s weird, but if the dress code is “cocktail” this dress is too long and formal for cocktail. totally up to you! it’s a beautiful dress

  3. for my sister’s wedding (i was MOH) we cut a hole in the bottom of an ikea bag big enough for her legs and she would step into it and pull up and put the straps over her shoulders while she peed. she did still need some assistance because of her shapewear clasps down there but that’s what sisters are for haha

  4. we had the EXACT same experience after going to the wedding expo where we live! super uncomfortable and largely just a waste of our time but entertaining to look back on!

  5. i personally find this to be way too much white, i mean if anyone takes a picture of you chest up it’s just white

  6. My wedding was in June and TBH, I don’t remember much of it. I was so stressed and overwhelmed, it was all a blur. There are things I had completely forgotten about until I saw them in our wedding photos. If I ever get married again (hopefully not), I would spend even more on the photographer than we did, at the expense of pretty much everything else.

  7. Everyone’s experiences are going to vary — some people on here got great photos from amateur photographers, other people were disappointed by expensive photographers.

  8. nothing’s booked and we’re over a year and a half out so we have wiggle room and time!

  9. can’t be certain but this looks like somewhere in Arizona, they make horrible blocky “modern” apartment complexes that just feel like a lifeless void instead

  10. definitely recommend going to a jewelry store so he can find his exact size, thickness, and design that he likes.

  11. we can’t have our cats at our wedding (for obvious reasons) and so we’re doing custom cocktails named after each of them! we’ll include a little sign that has a picture of each of them next to “their” cocktail

  12. really depends on the cat and on the day but this morning i woke up at 4:45 because my cat was sleeping next to me and stretched and kicked me in the face so

  13. OP, she’s not your best friend and obviously never was. no best friend would ever do that to you.

  14. i moved from outside of phoenix(gilbert/chandler) and i can promise you people are WAY nicer here in KC! when i tell that to people here they never believe me but people in AZ are MEAN

  15. i absolutely adore 1!!! the square neckline is gorgeous on you!!

  16. when someone is gay and homophobic that leads to them having lots of internal hate and if someone calls that out they will usually lash out with anger (stemming from fear of being outed)

  17. mangoes and tajin, frozen grapes, naan/pita and hummus, veggies and dip(could use the hummus for this too), oven roasted broccoli (if you do it right they feel like eating chips)

  18. i worked as a caregiver and i can promise you that means nothing to her and likely means equally nothing to the patient. she’s just doing her job and i mean this with all the kindness in the world but get over yourself

  19. no one posts their happy relationship stories (myself included) because it’s reddit and the majority of the comments would be snide cynical remarks, internet therapists trying to say there’s definitely red flags that the people aren’t seeing, or just assholes. it’s the same reason why it’s hard to find good reviews, when someone’s happy they don’t feel the need to put it on blast

  20. don’t forgot! if you’re wearing a matte/long wear lipstick that doesn’t layer well have a pack of makeup wipes so you can completely refresh your lipstick!

  21. together for 3 years exactly when we got engaged, our engagement will have been 2 years 2 months long when we get married

  22. personally we won’t be expecting gifts from anyone in our bridal party, they’re already having to make lots of financial expenses to be part of our wedding. not everyone will feel the same tho so if you can afford it, a nice $50 would be suitable imo

  23. OP, words can’t touch the feelings you must be having and i am so so sorry. you didn’t deserve any of this, you responded to sex in a very normal way and your husband’s reaction was not okay. he raped you and punished you and that is despicable. please please confide in someone in your life, and do not confront your husband without backup. i’m sending you all the hugs and if you need someone to talk to please message me.

  24. at some point on your trip you’ve gotta go to Betty Rae’s!! super yummy and unique ice cream flavors and it’s right next to the streetcar stop in the river market

  25. I checked out their menu last night and it looks fantastic. I wanna try the goat cheese ice cream with apricot and walnuts.

  26. my sister and her spouse had their wedding for about $10k. they did the ceremony at the local botanical gardens and then had the reception at a brewery. it was a cash bar but high quality food and a wonderful event, definitely doable!!

  27. tylenol/acetaminophen for the neck and up, ibuprofen/advil for below the neck

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